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& s Unit



This mini unit is being created to be used along with the introduction of the letter M to my kindergarteners.  I'm going to try and use SRA Reading Mastery with them and I wanted to incorporate a mini unit for each letter introduced that would allow cross-curricular instruction in reading, writing, and math.  I think M&Ms will lend themselves well to this.  We'll see.  :)

As always, make sure that none of your students have peanut allergies before using either plain or peanut M&Ms. 



Mmmmm ..... that's what your tummy says when you eat M&Ms and that's what the Letter M says, too! (rub your hand around in circles on your tummy as you say this)


The M&Ms Counting Book - Barbara McGrath

The M&Ms Count to 100 Book - Barbara McGrath

More M&Ms Brand Chocolate Candies Math - Barbara McGrath

The M&Ms Subtraction Book - Barbara McGrath

The M&Ms 4th of July Parade - Barbara McGrath

The M&Ms Addition Book - Barbara McGrath

M&Ms Count Around the Circle - Barbara McGrath

The M&Ms Brand Easter Egg Hunt - Barbara McGrath



M&M Word Wall Words

round circle red blue green
yellow brown orange inside outside
sweet candy bag chocolate hard

Mmmm ... Game: Download and print these game cards onto cardstock.  Laminate.  Cut out M&Ms.  If the picture begins with /m/, students cover it with an M&M with an “m”.  If it doesn’t begin with /m/, they cover it with an M&M without an “m”.  If you prefer, you can not print the M&M cards and use real M&Ms instead.

M&Ms Mmmmm ... Game

(This is another large file .. so make sure you get it now in case I have to remove it later!  It can't be emailed!!!)


Alphabet Matching: Print the alphabet M&Ms on cardstock, laminate and cut out.  Have students match the capital letter to the lowercase by clipping them together front to back with a clothespin.  This activity will be great for both letter identification and strengthening fine motor grips.  Or, you could put velcro dots on the back of the M&Ms instead. 


M&M Alphabet Matching


Letter Match: This is a paper/pencil follow-up activity for the hands-on activity above.  Our Ks are required to complete paper/pencil 9 wk assessments, so this is something they have to be able to do.  I'm providing different variations, for different needs.


Letter Match 1


Letter Match SRA


Letter Match 2


Letter Discrimination: Print these sheets that cover writing their name, /m/ sound, position word "below", letter discrimination of letter Mm, color identification, writing Mm, "big", and following directions!


Letter M printable 1


Letter M printable 2


Letter M printable 3

(Because everyone uses different kinds of fonts in their classroom, I chose not to add Mm to the printing line on this page.  I would suggest that you add them by hand using a fine-tipped Sharpie marker before copying for your class.)


Sorting Mat: Print this mat onto cardstock, laminate and cut out.  Have student sort picture cards onto the mat that begin with /m/.  If needed, picture cards can be found on the Literacy Connections page with Mr. Munchy Mouth.


M&M /m/ Sorting Mat


M&Ms ... Mmmm emergent reader: Print and make one copy of the book for each student.  Students color the M&M on each page to match the text.  At the end of the book they fill in the blank with the color word of their favorite color M&M.  (use a color word chart for them to copy from or have them dictate their favorite color)  You can also enlarge the text and create your own Big Book on 1/4 sheets of posterboard.  You can find binding instructions here.


M&Ms ... Mmmm emergent reader


Counting: Print this activity on cardstock, laminate and cut out.  Have students count M&Ms and match to number cards.


M&M Counting Activity


1- 10


11 - 20


Counting Mats: Print the counting mats and cards onto cardstock, laminate and cut out.  Have students choose a card and count that many M&Ms onto their counting mat, then have someone check for accuracy.  When finished, clear their mat and choose another card and start again!


M&M Counting Mats


Counting Sheets: Print the follow-up paper/pencil counting sheets for the hands-on activities above.  (At this time I have 1-5 only)  Each sheet progresses a little harder in difficulty.


M&M Counting Sheet 1 (1 - 5)


M&M Counting Sheet 2 (1 - 5)


M&M Counting Sheet 3 (1 - 5)


M&M Counting Sheet 4 (1 - 5)

Writing: Use the Thematic Word Wall words to draw and write about M&Ms. 



blue outside red ilcchoclate MM is green

Colorful Bingo: Create Bingo cards using colored circles & label circles with "M&M" using a Sharpie or stickers (or you can create them on the computer).  Students will use M&Ms as markers to cover squares as you call out the colors.  [Don't forget to create colors cards to use for calling!]

For more advanced students, create cards with color words instead of colors.  You can still use the circles & M&M labels, just don't use colored circles and put color words on them instead.

Counting:  Create a big M&M card and label it with a number.  Then have students count out that many M&Ms to match the card.  Create cards for numbers 0 - 10.

Estimation: Have each student estimate how many M&Ms are in a bag or small jar.  Chart their estimations.  Then open the the bag/jar and count the M&Ms.  Anyone who came up with the actual number of M&Ms, gets the candy! :)

Graphing: Give each student a bag of M&Ms and have them graph the M&Ms in their bag according to color.  (At the beginning of the year, you might want to do this as a group instead of individually with kindergarteners)  Discuss which color had more, less, the same, what is this graph about?

Sorting: Have each student sort their bag of M&Ms by color.  You can provide them with a sorting mat with the appropriate number of circles needed (1 circle per color) with the color word if appropriate.  OR, one teacher prefers to have her students line the items up into rows and then asks questions like "which has more, less, the same, etc."

Patterning: Use the M&Ms to create patterns (red, yellow, red, yellow ... red, yellow, green, red, yellow, green, etc.)

Nonstandard Measurement: Use M&Ms to measure smaller objects in the classroom such as a pencil, paper clip, stapler, sheet of paper, etc.  Provide a recording sheet for students to write down answers.  (Do this whole group for beginning of the year kindergarteners)

M&Ms Numbers & More Game: A commercial game licensed by M&Ms for preK-2nd with number recognition activities and early math skills.

Compare/Contrast: Give each student a sample of both a plain and a peanut M&M. Compare and contrast plain M&Ms with peanut M&Ms using a Venn diagram.

Culminating Activity: Make M&M cookies.  YUM!  Use as a following directions, language, and measurement activity.  Serve with milk and discuss volume! ;)


Free M&M graphics for printables


M&M Addition Cards printables





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