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Welcome to the spot where creative teachers meet to share their talents! 

This is the spot where teachers will meet to share their talents and resources.  Teachers will submit ideas, projects, and printables to be posted here for a period of time similar to an electronic magazine ... here today and maybe gone in a month or 4! :)  So get them while they're here, because they won't be here forever!!!!

Who will be submitting these ideas, projects and printables?  Why anyone, of course, who's creative and has something they've created and wants to share it with the world! :)  If sharing an idea or project, if possible, please submit a photograph as well.  All submissions can be sent to the email link below.  Don't forget to include any info on how you'd like to be credited.

There will be two categories for submissions .. one will be for a specified theme or skill and the other will be for a general category.  Please make sure that all submitted files are either png., gif., jpg., doc. or pdf. files. 

*preK - 2nd grade submissions accepted*

Hope to hear from you soon and don't forget ...

If you see something posted here that you want, get it NOW because chances are it may not be here the next time you stop by!!!

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Current Theme or Skill

Wonders of Winter







Wonders of Winter


Snowless Snowball Fight

Winter is here. I am from Maine and believe me, I know. With Christmas behind us, we will start a unit on snow/snowmen/etc. To end the unit we will have an indoor snowball fight. I buy a couple of bags of marshmallows. We count them and figure out how many each child and teacher will have. (also the principal and vice principal who we invite to our snowball fight.. First we establish the rules-no shooting at faces and no eating marshmallows. Marshmallows on the floor are fair game for anyone to pick up and shoot again and again.
 We set the timer for 5 or 10 minutes and all start shooting and laughing. It is great fun.
Even though there is snow on the playground up to our waist ,it is against the rules to throw snow balls out side at school. This also lets us see the principal and vice principal in a different role. The kids love it.
When the timer goes off we gather all the snow balls on the rug and re-count. We compare the numbers and find how many snowballs are missing. The old snowballs go in the trash and we enjoy a cup of cocoa with miniature marshmallows as we talk about the fun we had. There is a reward posted the next day for finding missing marshmallows. 1 sticker for 1 marshmallow.  We keep a count down tally chart and mark off each marshmallow as it is found and turned in. We will be doing this on Jan 15th. and you are welcome to join us.
Bev Sirois












fall Walk

Late in the fall when there are lots of visible signs of fall in the neighborhood we take a fall walk. I invite the parents and younger siblings to come along. We walk through the housing development behind the school. we stop at various points of interest and talk about them I take pictures of the fall item with my digital. Everyone comes back to school and has a fall snack of ginger snaps and apple cider.

We use the pictures to make a book, "Our Fall Walk."

In the spring we preview the fall pictures and we revisit the spots in a similar walk. We note the changes that come with spring.

It's a great neighborhood tradition. (So I'm told.)

Lancaster, PA



fall Walk Printables

Lori St. Amand, of Canada, has created these great printables for her class to use after going on their own fall walk. 


Leaf Research page


Leaf Report page


fall Walk

For our Fall walk I make a sheet with pictures of fall items on it, I even add stop signs, cars, trucks  and I love to have funny things you know you will not see on a fall walk. The students clip these to their own clipboard and off we go with clipboard & pencil in hand. We are on a mission to find Fall! You can use these for graphing etc. when you return to your room. Annette H. in Collins, MS




Lori St. Amand & Chris Binicki had "Bubble Day" in their classes.  Lori submitted this response page the children had to complete.


Bubble Maker page  




The first submission for this page is from Kimberlee Fulbright from Lavonia Elementary in GA.

Kimberlee has submitted a precious Back to School patterning activity.


Back to School Patterning



Another submission from Kimberlee Fulbright from Lavonia Elementary in GA.


What Comes Next? patterning



A "Question of the Day" document submitted by Lori St Amand


Question of the Day




Melissa has submitted several create your own pattern activities.  She's suggested having the students draw in their own patterns or use them for assessments.  I think they'd be great to even have the students use hands on manipulatives to create their patterns, such as mini erasers, cereal, candies, bears, etc.

Submitted by Melissa Chapple

Springfield Primary

Stanley, NC


Create Your Own AB Pattern


Create Your Own ABC Pattern


Create Your Own AAB Pattern


Create Your Own ABB Pattern


Create Your Own AABB Pattern


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Cindy Montgomery



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