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The pictures below are of some things that I've done in the past.  Some of the photos are bad, simply because they're from YEARS ago and they're all that I have left of the images.  So it's this or nothing.  But I think you can get the general idea.  If you're looking for bulletin boards for specific themes, holidays, etc., check the thematic pages.  I've included bulletin board pictures and ideas there as well.


My neighbor's



My neighbor's fall board.  Her daughter does an AWESOME job with pastels and shading.  She made the tree and moon.  This photo does not do it justice.


Awesome Apples!







I Couldn't Have Picked a Better Bunch!













Kindergarten door display (that isn't actually on a door) was across the hall for the contest.  The TA did an excellent job with the mummy.  She drew him off using the opaque projector onto white bulletin board paper, then glued strips of gauze over him. Another Kindergarten "door" across the hall.  I suppose the kids cut out the monkeys to add to this display.  It won First Place for the Kindergarten door.

This "door" belongs to the Kindergarten class beside me.  "Terrance" is the state's anti-tobacco mascot.



This was our Drug Free door for 2002.  We are doing a farm unit, so the door depicts a garden/pumpkin patch.  The speech bubbles convene the message.  The crow says, "You've got something to crow about if you don't use drugs or tobacco!" (We're also a tobacco free school)  The EAR of corn says, "LISTEN to others ... don't try tobacco."  The scarecrow says, "It really isn't too smart to smoke." (considering what they're made of :)  )  The pumpkin says, "Use your "gourd" ... don't experiment with drugs."

The crow is made from hand/feet shapes.  The corn has yellow tissue paper glued onto the corn pattern to form the kernels.  The stalk is a piece of butcher paper twisted and "stripped" on one end. The scarecrows were a 3D pattern and stuffed with raffia.  The pumpkins are a torn paper art project.  The vine is a piece of green yarn. 

We didn't win the contest, but the children were extremely proud of the door that they created.



This bulletin board is in my new classroom.  I put it up last year after the Aide left.  It stayed up for the rest of the year.  I freehanded the mailbox and other stuff, added flowers, eggs, etc. and then just removed them after the "season".  It says, "Special Delivery" in pastel colors that matched the hearts.    There were big hearts and tiny hearts that looked like they were spilling out of the mailbox with all the mail.  There were cards, colored pictures, school pictures, and notes from students and parents.  They were things from long ago that I'd saved, as well as current things.  The pictures I attached to blank white index cards and stamped what looked like a postage stamp into the corner.  The coloring book pages and notes I attached to pieces of construction paper.  This is a neat idea for a bulletin board that can stay up all year long!



This was our Gingerbread House that you entered when you entered our classroom during our Gingerbread unit!  In the closeup, you can see the old woman and the old man looking out one window for the Gingerbread Man, and in the other window the Gingerbread Man's looking outside for them! :)  You can't really tell from the pictures, but the Gingerbread Men on the door were all decorated by the children and their families as take-home projects.


a close up



This was our Halloween door for 2000.  We were doing a pumpkin unit, so the door depicts the 5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate.  The poem is what's written on the paper that the crows have in their beaks.  The witch was made 3D so that she'd stand out from the door by backing her with little pieces of packing foam.  The cornstalk is made from real corn husks bought at the grocery store.  



This door belonged to a teacher down the hall.



This was one of our door displays in the old building.  The graphics came from Cute Colors.  We don't do doors in the new building.  Many of the teachers do hang a "school type" wreath or something seasonal on their door.



This was the same bulletin board as below the next school year.  Again, it stayed up outside our classroom the whole year.  What a timesaver!



This is the right side of the fence.  If using this idea, I'd suggest making sure that your line is very taunt.  The work makes it sag.


This is the left side of the fence with student working hanging on it.


During the year that we had the crayon display below, I got the idea for this display scene.  I designed the scene on my computer using a graphics program.  Then we painted over the crayon display and painted this one on.   There's a clothesline with clothespins that runs between the two trees that made hanging the students' work so much easier.  This display was in our old building (now Middle School) and we're now in a new building. 



This was a bulletin board in the hallway outside our classroom door that was done at the beginning of the year and that's it!  You can read the saying on the hive on the Busy, Busy Bees page.



This was a permanent wall display that we painted in our hallway to display the students' work.   We were in an old building and the hall was YUCKY!  So it didn't take much talk to get the principal to let us paint this on the wall.  At the other end, there was a big crayon box.  On this end, you can see the 3-D coloring book.  We actually added uncolored coloring pages, then in the center was a colored picture of children holding a sign that said, "Mrs. Montgomery's Class."  The colored picture was actually a Print Artist graphic that I made and printed.  The coloring book idea came about due to a need to cover a small hole in the wall right there about the size of a quarter! :)  The butterflies weren't originally part of the display.  They were a part of a door display that we did, and once we took it down, the TA just stuck them up there.  The students' work went inside the crayon display area and was attached to the wall with masking tape.  The idea for this came from the color scheme in my room.  The walls were yellow, the door frames blue, the baseboards green, and the doors red!  I told everyone that it was painted like a crayon box.  So from that came the hall display idea.




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