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The  Hat

When Lisa's woolen stocking flies off the clothesline, Hedgie finds it and pokes his nose in.  He tries to pull it out, but the stocking gets stuck on his prickles - and the fun begins.

A mother hen comes by, then a noisy goose, a talkative barn cat, a playful farm dog, a mama pig and her piglets, and a pony.  They all laugh at Hedgie, especially when he pretends he's wearing a new hat.  But in the end, it is clever Hedgie who has the last laugh.



Of course the first thing you have to do is visit Jan Brett's website to see all the awesome art and other activities that she so freely offers for you to work with:  (more specific links below)  Her artwork is just amazing!!!


Act It Out - use the masks to act out the story ( )  You can put them on necklaces or craft sticks.  Hang real clothing items onto a portable clothesline and make things even more fun for the children!  You can create a portable clothesline by setting an appropriate size pole (cut off mop or broom handle with the hole already in the top will work great) in Quik-rete in a large size vegetable can begged from your favorite cafeteria. :)  You'll need two of these of course.  When the Quik-rete is set, string the appropriate length of cord between them.  Now you have your own portable clothesline.  When not in use, just tuck it away into a corner! :)


Sequencing - use the mask pictures from above that have been printed onto cardstock and laminated, and sequence them on your clothesline!  *idea shared by Ann-Marie (she actually suggested using the small pictures from the postcards below to use on tabletop clotheslines like this but I'm not familiar with these ... she's from England ;) )


Retelling - use the postcard images to create stick puppets for retelling the story

( ) *idea shared by Carol @ The Learning Tree


(click on image to enlarge)


Bookmarks - print out this page the way it is onto cardstock and you'll get tiny pictures that can be cut out and glued onto craft sticks to make bookmarks ( )


Pointers - do the same thing as above, but instead of making bookmarks, glue the pictures to dowel rods to create pointers instead  *another idea from Carol @ The Learning Tree (we bounce ideas off each other ... she's the one that came up with the idea of printing that page to begin with) :)


Puzzles - use any of Jan's beautiful calendar toppers to make puzzles!  This is my favorite. (Jan/2002)  Print onto business cards and then laminate and cut apart.  You have an instant puzzle to go along with the story.  Jan has done several calendars for this story.  You can print each one of these and have several puzzles for your stations or centers.



Reviewing Beginning Sounds - Carol and I have bounced some more ideas around and come up with this for reviewing beginning sounds at the beginning of first grade when we'll be doing this story.  Carol came up with the idea of creating the grid.  I'm going to create a grid with as many boxes as there are business cards on a sheet.  In each box I'm going to add a picture.  On the back of my business card puzzle (idea above) I'm going to program each puzzle piece with the appropriate letter to match to the beginning sound of each picture.  So to create the puzzle, the student will match the correct beginning sound to each picture, but instead of putting the letter face up, the letter will go face down and the picture puzzle side will go face up.  (clear as mud?)  If the student gets all the pieces in the correct place the puzzle will be done correctly and will make the picture.  I'll use stick on letters for the backs of my puzzle pieces rather than trying to run the cards back through the printer again.  Practicing a skill and doing a puzzle at the same time ... what fun!!! :)


printable puzzle grid for beginning sounds

(this is the grid I did to match the picture above ... it's made to fit the business cards that I have which are 2x3.5)


(click to enlarge)


Reviewing Beginning or Ending Sounds - I created this bingo game to use for reviewing beginning/ending sounds.  It's OK if some of the pictures end with the same sounds, you just call the sounds twice (they only cover them one at a time).  You can use white pom poms or cotton balls for markers (snow balls). :)  When you look at the calling cards you say the beginning or ending sound (which ever game you're playing) for the picture and the student finds a picture with that beginning/ending sound and covers it if he has it.  There are 5 bingo cards and calling cards designed for playing with a small group.


printable bingo game


Class Book - use the page at this link to create a class book.  Have students decorate their hat any way they wish.  Give them the sentence frame:  My hat is ________ and ________.  They fill in the blanks.  Bind with a ribbon.   *idea shared by Laura Butts, Thorndale Elementary


Take-Home Totes - Carol just shared another idea! :)  Use the iron-on transfers at Jan's site to create take-home totes for The Hat.  Great idea, Carol! :)  You could include a copy of the book, maybe grab a stuffed animal if you dare that would coordinate with the book, create some stick puppets for retelling, include a puzzle for reviewing beginning sounds, as well as a journal (spiral notebook) for the student to draw/write about their favorite part of the story.


The Hat iron-on transfers



Books -

Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash - Sarah Weeks

Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing - Judi Barrett

One Snowy Night - M. Christina Butler


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