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The TA Treehouse is a FREE "club" for members of TA who want to support each other in eating and being healthy. (We're not going to say the "D" word! ;) ) Anyone wanting support in their weight loss is very welcome. We may not all be following the same path to our goal, but hopefully we'll all arrive there safely.  

If you're interested in this group, you may join below:

Click here to join tatreehouse
Click to join tatreehouse


Congratulations to the following Treehouse members who've lost weight!










Harriet 87 lbs




Pat 75 lbs







Ann 58.5 lbs







Cindy 31 lbs




Robyn 25 lbs
Susan 25 lbs




Jacqueline 18 lbs
Olwyn 16.5 lbs
Sandy 15 lbs





13 lbs


13 lbs


Nancy 5 lbs


Shelia 2.5 lbs




Meals and Recipes


Calorie Counter


Miles Walked
Sandy 2233.5
Cindy 149.5
Susan 325



Steps Walked
Olwyn 482,105


Hours Exercised
Sandy 307.5



Miles Ridden
Sandy 3628.5


Goals Plans 2010!




Sandy Weight: 132; log 800 miles  
Cindy Lose 22 lbs and keep going ...  
Harriet Lose 50 lbs; exercise 4 x week  








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