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Building Mr. Snowman
Head ball,
Belly ball,
Bottom ball-
Building Mr. Snowman
Is always lots of fun!
~ Author Unknown 


See the snowballs,
One, two, three
That make a snowman
Just for me!
~ Author Unknown


Build a Little Snowman
Tune:  "I'm a Little Teapot"

Build a little snowman, 
starting with his feet.
Put on lots of snow, 
and pat it all so neat.

Then make a round ball, 
and put it on top.
Then the sun will come out, 
and make the snowman hot.
~ Author Unknown


The Snowman Ran and Ran
Tune: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

The snow, snow, snowman
Came out to play.
But the children cried, "Get back inside 
The sun is out today."

The snow, snow, snowman
Started to run away
But when he ran, he ran and ran
Until a puddle lay.
~ Author Unknown


Book Titles:
Snowballs ~ Lois Ehlert
The Snowman ~ Raymond Briggs (video also available)
The Snowman (Coloring Book) ~  Raymond Briggs
Snowman (Step into Reading) ~  Michelle Knudsen
The Snowman's Song
Sadie and the Snowman ~ Allen Morgan
The Friendly Snowman ~ Sharon Gordon
The Black Snowman (Blue Ribbon Book) ~  Phil Mendez
Frosty the Snowman ~ Diane Muldrow
The Fattest, Tallest, Biggest Snowman Ever (Hello Math Reader) ~  Michael Rex
The Summer Snowman ~ Gene Zion
Bob The Snowman ~ Sylvia Loretan and Jan Lenica
The Biggest, Best Snowman ~ Margery Cuyler (cassette also available)
A Very Merry Snowman Story ~ Joanne Barkan

A Stranger in the Woods


Snowman Pin:  Purchase 3 sizes (small, medium, and large) of white buttons containing 2 holes. Hotglue the buttons onto a pin vertically, with the smaller button on top and the holes horizontal for the eyes.  Glue the medium sized button next, and the larger button on the bottom.  Turn the holes on these buttons vertically to look like the buttons on the snowman.  Lastly, add a black felt hat and a tiny red scarf.

Snowman Bottle:  Fill an empty, clear water bottle with white crepe paper or tissue paper.  Replace the top.  Cut or gouge out a hole in a styrofoam ball so that the top of the bottle will fit snugly inside.  Add a little hot glue, then stick the ball onto the bottle.  Cut a hat, mouth, and buttons from black felt.  Cut a carrot nose from orange felt.  Glue these on as well as two "wiggly" eyes onto the styrofoam ball.  Cut out a scarf from red or blue felt.  Tie around the neck of the bottle and fringe the ends.  If desired, add arms made of brown pipecleaners or real twigs.  The pipecleaners can either be glued on, or a tiny hole can be punched in each side and the pipecleaners and /or twigs inserted.




Snowman Sculptures:  www.kidskreate.com


Snowmen Names:  Provide each student enough white die-cut circles to have one for each letter in their name plus one extra.  Make a pattern page with several hats and copy them onto black construction paper.  Make a pattern page with several scarves and copy them onto assorted colored construction paper.  Allow students to choose what color scarf they'd like for their snowman and cut it and a hat out.  Have them glue the hat to the top of one of the circles and then add facial features with crayons or markers. (Wiggly eyes and a felt carrot nose could be glued on if desired.)   Students then write one letter of their name on each circle using crayons or markers.  The circles are to be either glued or bradded together vertically underneath the snowman's head to form the student's name.  Next, glue on the scarf.  Brown pipecleaner arms can be glued on if desired.  These can be displayed on a bulletin board with a snow scene background or hung from the ceiling.  They can also be used in a lesson on graphing by comparing the number of snowballs in each person's name or by their height.


Pocketchart Names:  An adaptation on the idea above would be to have each student form a snowman in the pocketchart by placing their snowballs in the correct order vertically to form their name.  The "head" snowball could remain in the pocketchart as a starting point. This could be used as Center activity.  The students could also be provided with a master list of all students' names and spell them as well.  If appropriate, students could also build snowmen by forming their spelling words, high frequency words, Word Wall words, etc, or just use them to form new words on their own.


Pocketchart Graphing:  Another adaptation on this activity would be to place number cards in the chart vertically from 10 - 1.  The students would graph the number of letters in their name by placing the "snowballs" to form their name in the pocketchart starting from the bottom.    For ex. :


6   a
5   u
4 h h
3 t s
2 e o
1 B J


Paperplate Snowmen:  Provide each student with 3 plain white paperplates.  Have them cut out hats from black construction paper and scarves from colored construction paper or felt. Glue the hat to one paperplate and have students add facial features.  Use brads to connect the 3 plates together vertically.  Glue on the scarf and real buttons.  Add brown pipecleaner arms.


An adaptation for this would be to use a digital camera to take a head shot of each student.  Using a photo program, enlarge the face to almost the size of the paperplate.  Print and cut out.  Glue on the top paperplate.  The students' faces become the faces of the snowmen.

As an extension for the book Snowballs, provide the students with many kinds of materials to use in decorating their snowman as they'd like.




Pinecone Snowman:  Paint the pinecone white.  Add a cotton ball to the top for a head and a small piece of torn fabric for the scarf. Glue a tiny pom pom on on each side of the cotton ball and then "connect" by gluing on a  a small piece of yarn to make earmuffs on the cottonball head.  Glue on wiggly eyes, a small orange toothpick nose, black yarn for the mouth, and you have a snowman guaranteed not to melt.

Don't forget to watch the video and read the book, Frosty the Snowman!


Frosty the Snowman song:  You just have to know the tune.  :)

Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul.
With a corn cob pipe and a button nose and 
Two eyes made out of coal.
Frosty the Snowman is a fairy tale, they say,
He was made of snow, but the children know how he 
came to life one day.

There must have been some magic in that old silk 
hat they found.
For when they placed it on his head, 
he began to dance around.

Oh, Frosty the Snowman was alive as he could be,
And the children say he could laugh and play
just the same as you and me.

Thumpety, thump, thump, thumpety, thump, thump.
Look at Frosty go.
Thumpety, thump, thump, thumpety, thump, thump.
Over the hills of snow.
~Author Unknown



Seven silly snowmen
Sitting side by side
Out came the sun,
And they had to hide.
Two behind the sled
Two behind the tree,
Two behind the snowbank,
And one behind me.
~Author Unknown


S is for snowman
Round and fat.
Sitting outside,
Wearing a hat.

I brought him inside,
And sat him on the mat.
And before very long,
The snowman was flat.
~ Author Unknown


Adorable Snowmen:  http://www.kinderart.com/seasons/snowfolks.shtml
Kinder Art has a craft idea for making Adorable Snow Folks.  You can change the idea a little and make Adorable Snowmen.  Just use their idea, but make the mitten and face white.


Snowman Math:  Purchase large snowman shaped notepads or make your own snowman patterns.  Glue each snowman to a sheet of dark blue construction paper cut in half horizontally.  Program the corner of each piece of paper with a number 0 - 10 or 1 - 20.  Laminate.  The students will count out the correct number of buttons to match each number and place them appropriately on the snowman.

If the snowman has on a hat, you can program the number on the hat.  These cards can also be used to practice sequencing the numbers.


Pocketchart Math:  Cut 55 snowman shapes using a die-cut.  Add details and color the snowmen using markers.  Laminate.  Cut 5 3x5 index cards in half.  Program each card with a number 1 - 10.  Laminate. 

These snowmen can be used two ways in the pocketchart.  One way is to place them in the pocketchart and have the students count the snowmen on each row and place the correct number card on the row with them.  The other way is to place the number cards in the rows and have the students count out the correct number of snowmen to match and place them in the rows with the number cards.


Playdough Snowmen:  Use white playdough to make snowmen.  Add facial features and other details with colored playdough.  Stick pretzels can be used for arms.  If desired, you can purchase tiny straw brooms in the craft dept. to be used as well.  Scarves can be made from fabric scraps or felt.


Snowman Assembly:  Draw a simple pattern of 3 balls in graduated size, a hat, a carrot nose, a tied scarf,  two twig arms, and a broom.  Copy onto white paper.  Supply each student a copy of the patterns and a piece of dark blue construction paper.   Have your own pieces cut from felt.  Model with the students how to assemble the snowman using the felt pieces on a flannelboard.  Be sure to discuss where the students need to begin gluing their pieces in order for the snowman not to hang off the paper.  Have the students color and cut out their pieces and glue them in the proper place on their paper to form the snowman. When it's dry, they can add the facial features and the buttons.  This activity will let you know which students are still having difficulty with visual perception.


Box Snowmen:  Maureen, at Kinder Kapers,  is fast becoming famous for her box snowman activity that she uses each year.  She purchases or collects various sized boxes (at least 8) and wraps them in white paper like you would do if you were wrapping a gift.  Then she cuts out eyes, a nose, a mouth, and several buttons from the appropriate color felt. To this she adds an old scarf and a hat.

Only the boxes are placed in a center the first week for the students to build with.  The next week she gives them the additional accessories to use.  The felt pieces have been backed with "Put on and Take off" made by Aleene's and can be purchased at sewing and craft stores.  This allows the pieces to adhere to the boxes, but they can be removed and reused often.

The next week, her students are asked to put the boxes in sequential order from smallest to largest.  The next week, numbers are added to the boxes and the students are to put the numbers in sequential order.


Styrofoam Snowmen:  Provide each student with 3 graduated sizes of white styrofoam balls and popsicle sticks.  The students stick the balls on the sticks, largest to smallest (largest on the bottom), then add facial features using Mr. Potato Head parts.


Snowman Song:
(Tune:  Bingo)

I know a snowman round and fat
and Rollo is his name-o.
R-O-L-L-O, R-O-L-L-O, R-O-L-L-O
and Rollo is his name-o!
~ Author Unknown


Snowman Song:
(Tune:  I'm a Little Teapot)

I'm a little snowman,
round and fat.
Here are my mittens,
Here is my hat.

When the sun comes out
I melt away.
See you next year
On a snowy day.
~ Author Unknown

Snowman Glyph:  Provide each student with a snowman paper containing only the 3 graduated balls.  They will add the necessary accessories according to their answers to the following questions ...

*head covering .. girls draw on ear muffs, boys ski caps

*mouth .. prefer hot chocolate/dots for the mouth, prefer soup/smile

*mittens/gloves .. prefer wearing mittens/ draw on mittens, prefer gloves/draw gloves

*buttons .. prefer being out of school/draw 3 red buttons, prefer being in school/draw 4 green buttons

*scarf .. winter is the favorite season/draw a yellow scarf, winter is not the favorite season/draw an orange scarf

*broom .. likes snow/draw a broom, doesn't like snow/don't draw a broom


Stuffed Snowmen Bulletin Board:  Cut large circles from white bulletin board paper.  Glue the edges of two circles together and leave opening to add stuffing.  Stuff with white paper, tissue paper, or polyfiber fill.  Use the stuffed circles to form 3D snowmen on your bulletin board. 


Snowy Sequence sheet:  Sequence 4 pictures of children building a snowman. Carson-Delosa CD-0957  I also use these kinds of sheets to make hands-on activities.  I copy them onto cardstock, color, and laminate.  Cut the sheet apart and it makes great sequencing cards.  The regular pages can also be cut apart by the students and glued in the correct order on another page. 


Snowman Can:  Paint a small can white.  Make earmuffs by gluing a small pompom to each side and connecting them with a small piece of pipecleaner.  Use paint pens to create the face. These can be used as pencil cans or as small treat containers. 


Feltboard Snowmen:  Cut out several sizes of white circles, carrot noses, mouths, eyes, scarves, brooms, hats, and twig arms.  The students will use these to create their own snowmen on the felt board. 


In the picture below, my TA added the facial features to the snowmen.  DO NOT USE WASHABLE MARKERS TO ADD THE FEATURES.  As you can see in the picture, the colors will bleed.  These "snowballs" have to be done over again.


You could also just do snowmen faces.  Cut large white felt circles, then provide different eyes, hats, etc. so that students could create snowmen faces.


Snowman Art:  Provide each student with a piece of light or dark blue construction paper and a piece of white chalk.  Instruct them to turn their paper horizontally.  Show them how to use the chalk to first draw in a snow -covered ground.  Then show them how to add green evergreens (Christmas trees) to the scene with a green crayon.  Add snow to the tops and tips of the tree branches with the white chalk.    Then use the chalk to make falling snow.  Last, use the chalk to make a snowman.  Add details with colored chalk or crayons.  After your art lesson, allow them to complete their art project on their own.

An adaptation to this activity would be to use white paper doilies to form the snowman. 

Resource Book:  The Best of Teacher's Helper Magazine, Seasonal & Holiday Reproducibles, Kindergarten  TEC 1478
*A Frosty Friend ~ beginning sounds
*Snow Pals ~ rhyming pictures
*Frosty Friends ~ counting to eight


Story Starter:  My snowman is ...


Resource Book:  Teacher's Helper, Dec/Jan 2000 -01
*Frolicking Frosty ~ onsets
*Let It Snow ~onsets
*A Chilly Treat ~ onsets
*A Snowy Ride ~ onsets
*Blizzard Buddies ~ onsets
*Cold Catch ~ onsets


Snowman Paper Bag Puppet:  Holiday Projects for Kids FS692


Resource book:  Teacher's Helper, Dec/Jan 01-02
*What to Wear? ~ color words


Snowman Match:  Using clip art or a graphics program, print two of each kind of snowman graphics onto card stock and laminate.  Cut into cards and have students match the snowmen.  Turn it into a memory game by turning the cards face down and having them take turns trying to find the matches by turning only two cards over at a time.


Tactile Art Project:  Mix together 1/2 cup each of salt, flour, and water.  Place the mixture into squeeze bottles, then squeeze onto blue construction paper.  Students use their fingers to form snow drifts and snowmen.  They will dry sparkly and puffy.


Clothesline Snowman Activity:  Copy a snowman pattern onto cardstock.  Color and cut out the snowmen.  Program them with dots or color words.  Laminate.  Program clothespins with numbers or colored dots to match the snowmen.  Place the clothespins on a clothesline low enough for the students to reach.  The students complete the activity by matching the dots to the numbers or by matching the colored dots to the color words. 

This activity could also be done without the clothesline.  Also, the dots on the snowmen could be made by using a hole punch and gluing them on.  This provides more of a tactile activity.  You can also use the eraser end of a new pencil and a stamp pad to make perfectly round dots.  Another alternative for the color words activity would be to use a snowman with a hat and color the hats the different colors.  Write the color words on the clothespins and the students could match the correct color of hat to the correct color word.


Snowball Snowman Snack:  Provide each student with a Snowball snack cake.  Have them add raisin eyes, mini-carrot for the nose, raisins for the mouth, and a pre-cut scarf from a Fruit Roll-up.


Marshmallow Prints:  Use large marshmallows and white paint to make prints on dark blue paper.  The prints should be used to make a snow scene and snowmen.  Sprinkle with iridescent glitter.


Cottonball Snowmen:  Give each student a piece of construction paper with a snowman outline on it (3 circles).  Have the students fill in the outline by gluing on cottonballs.  Add paper hat, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

This same activity can be done using torn pieces of white paper to replace the cottonballs. 


Snowman Measurement:  Provide several pre-made snowmen and help the students to measure them using non-standard measurement or to the nearest inch.  Have them record their answers on a response sheet.  As a follow-up activity, provide them with a large sheet of white paper and have them draw their own snowman.  Then have them measure their snowman and record their answer on the paper.

This would be a great extension activity for The Biggest Best Snowman book.


Class Book:  Sentence frame on each page ~ My snowman ...  Each student will complete the sentence frame by dictating or writing their response to the frame.  Then they will illustrate the sentence.  All pages are bound together into a class book.


Salty Art :  Have students draw and color a snowman and snow scene with their crayons.  Mix up a thin wash of blue paint and sprinkle in salt.  Lightly paint over the snow scene and let dry.  The salt will cause the art work to sparkle.



Pack a snowball.
Make it round.
Roll it, roll it, along the ground.
Make one big ball, and one of middle size;
Then roll a smaller ball.  Add a nose and eyes.
Give him a broom and a scarf of blue.
Now there's a friend to play with you!
~ Author Unknown


Five Little Snowmen

Five little snowmen standing in a row,
Each had a hat and a big red bow.
Out came the sun and it shone all day,
One little snowman melted away.

Four little  snowmen standing in a row ...

Three little snowmen standing in a row ...

Two little snowmen standing in a row ...

One little snowman standing a row ..
~ Author Unknown

This poem can also be used as a flannelboard story.


The Chubby Snowman

A chubby little snowman
Had a carrot nose.
Along came a bunny,
And what do you suppose?

That hungry little bunny,
Looking for his lunch,
Ate that snowman's carrot
Nibble, nibble, crunch.
~ Author Unknown


The Snowman

Once there was a snowman
Stood outside the door.
Thought he'd like to come inside
And run around the floor.

Thought he'd like to warm himself
By the firelight red,
Thought he'd like to climb
Upon the big white bed.

So he called the North Wind,
"Help me now I pray,
I'm completely frozen
Standing here all day."

So the North Wind came along
And blew him in the door 
Now there's nothing left of him
But a puddle on the floor.
~ Author Unknown


The Snowman Song

I am a little snowman.
I am so fat and round.
I started from a snowflake
That fell upon the ground.

I have two buttons for my eyes,
A great scarf of red,
I have a carrot for a nose,
A hat upon my head.

~ Author Unknown


Family Take-Home Project:  Send home a snowman photocopied onto card stock.  Have the family work together to decorate and return it.  It's always amazing how creative some families get.


You Are My Snowman
(Tune: You Are My Sunshine)

You are my snowman,
My only snowman.
You make me happy,
On days of gray.
And when the sun's out,
You'll hear us all shout.
Please don't take our snowman away!
~ Author Unknown


Color Matching:  Make a snowman with a scarf for each of the 11 colors.  Color each scarf a different color.  Make a hat to fit each snowman and color them to match the scarves for each snowman.  Laminate.  The students will match the correct color hat to the snowman wearing the same color scarf.



This is snowman happy.
This is snowman sad.
This is snowman sleepy.
This is snowman mad.
This is snowman melting away.
Hoping that he can come again another day!
~ Cindy Montgomery

I wrote this  spinoff poem from the Jack O' Happy poem.  Once we get back to school, I'll have my TA illustrate it to use in the pocketchart and to be made into an emergent reader for each student.  For more info on how this is done, visit the Easter page and check out the one that I wrote for Chocolate Bunny Happy.  After all is finished, I'll add the pictures here.



Once I was a snowball,
Then I grew and grew
Now I am a snowman
How do you do?
~Author Unknown



Roll, roll, roll a ball
Right across the snow.
Pile them up and make a man.
Make him grow and grow.
~Author Unknown


I Built a Snowman

I built a snowman (pretend to build)
Pat, pat, pat. (pat air three times)
He turned out great! (form circle with thumb & 
Now clap, clap, clap! (Clap 3 times)
I patted snow (pat air on sides of snowman)
On his cheeks, cheeks, cheeks, (pat air 3 times)
I hope he lasts (fold hands in front of body)
For weeks, weeks, weeks (shake finger 3 times)
I put on a hat (pretend to place hat on head)
On his head, head, head (touch head 3 times)
I made his mouth (touch mouth)
Gave him bread, bread, bread (touch mouth 3 times)
His button eyes are (point to eyes)
Pink, pink, pink (touch eyes three times)
I thought I saw him (tilt head to one side)
Blink, blink, blink. (blink 3 times)
He looks so real! (nod head)
Like an owl, owl, owl (make spectacles with fingers)
I tweaked his nose (tweak nose)
Saw him scowl, scowl, scowl (frown)
~Author Unknown


Build a Snowman
(Tune: Frere Jacques)

Build a snowman, build a snowman
Big and round, big and round
Sun is shining on him
Sun is shining on him
He's all gone, he's all gone
~Author Unknown


I'm a Friendly Snowman
(Tune: "I'm a Little Teapot")

I'm a friendly snowman big and fat
(stretch arms out at sides)
Here is my tummy and here is my hat
(point to tummy and then top of head)
I'm a happy fellow, here's my nose
(Smile and then point to nose)
I'm all snow from my head to my toes
(point to head and then to toes)
I have two bright eyes so I can see
(Point to eyes)
All the snow falling down on me
(flutter fingers downward)
When the weather's cold I'm strong and tall
(stand up tall)
But when it's warm I get very small
(crouch down low)
~Author Unknown


Snowman Song
(Tune:  "Happy Birthday")

Here's a big nose for you.
Here's a big nose for you
It's a carrot, Mr. Snowman
What a big nose for you!

Here are two eyes for you
Here are two eyes for you
They are blue eyes, Mr. Snowman. 
Here are two eyes for you.
~Author Unknown



Let's Build a Snowman Emergent Reader:   The Teacher's Bookbag



My Snowman book:
I have fun when it snows.
I can make a snowman as round as a ____.
I can make a face for my snowman with ___.
I can make arms for my snowman with ______.
I know my snowman is happy because _____.
I am going to name my snowman ____.
My snowman is my friend.


Melting Snowman
Here's a snowman round and fat, 
(make circle with arms)
Out comes the sun and melts his hat
(touch head)
Here's a snowman with a scarf of red;
Out comes the sun and melts his head
(touch head)
Here's a snowman, fit as a fiddle,
Out comes the sun and melts his middle
(touch stomach)
Here's a snowman who waits for dawn,
Out comes the sun and he's all gone!
~ Author Unknown


(Tune:  Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)

Snowperson, snowperson, where did you go?
I built you yesterday out of snow.
I built you high and I built you fat.
I put on eyes and a nose and a hat.
Now you're gone all melted away.
But it's sunny outside so I'll go and play.
~Author Unknown


Snowman Sculptures:  Each student will need a 1 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch white pompom.  Have them glue the 3 inch pompom to a base such as a small margarine tub lid.  Then glue the 2 inch pompom, then the 1 inch pompom on top.  Let dry.  Later, glue a black felt circle on top of the 1 inch pompom to be used as a base for the top hat.  Then glue a 1/2 inch black pompom on top to finish the hat.   Use brown pipecleaners for arms, orange felt for the nose, wiggly eyes, and black felt for the mouth and buttons.  Have students use their fingers to apply a light coat of glue to the base around the snowman and sprinkle lightly with artificial snow.


Poor Mr. Snowman

Poor Mr. Snowman
Dressed in white
Standing in the cold wind,
Freezing all night.
I would bring him inside
And make him feel better,
But Mommy says he likes
This chilly weather.
Author Unknown



Visual Perception and Fine Motor activity:  Provide each student with a page of a simple snowman drawing with only the left side of the snowman drawn.  Have them complete the snowman by drawing the right side of the snowman. 


Frosty Fellows snack:  Spread peanut butter on a graham cracker.  Cut two large marshmallows in half.  Use three of the marshmallow pieces to form a snowman on the graham cracker.  Microwave for 5 - 8 seconds.  Decorate the snowman.  You can use a Cheese Nip for the hat, candies for the buttons, raisins for the eyes, a peanut for the mouth, and pretzel sticks for the arms.


Five Little Snowpeople

Five little snowpeople standing in a row.
The first one said, "We are made out of snow."
The second one said, "I have a hat and button eyes."
The third one said, "We look like funny guys."
The fourth one said, "Feel how the cold wind blows!"
The fifth one said, "It might freeze my carrot nose!"
Then drip, drip, went the snowpeople,
For it was a sunny day.
And the five little snowpeople drip, dripped right away.


Phonics:  A Snowman Unit works well if you're focusing on the Letter S or you want to introduce or practice the "sn" blend.  You can also use it to introduce the "ow" sound.


Resource Book:  Teacher's Helper, Nov/Dec/Jan 97-98
*Spinning Snowman (short vowel tachistope)
*Chilly Chums (short vowels)


Resource Book:  Worksheet Magazine (now Teacher's Helper), Grade 1, Nov/Dec/Jan 90-91
*Blizzard Blends (blends sl, sn, st, sk)


Resource Book:  Teacher's Helper, Nov/Dec/Jan 98 -99
*Polar Positions (Left/Right)
*Frolicking Frosty (Frosty mini-booklet using position words)
*Frosty's Song (Frosty the Snowman song stretcher)
*Color Me Cool! (following directions)

The mini-booklet comes with a page of tiny snowmen that's used to glue onto the indicated places on the page of the book.  These snowmen could also be copied onto cardstock and laminated, then cut apart and used for non-standard measurement. You could also program them with the letters of the alphabet or the numbers and have students sequence them.  They could also be used as counters, or a student could be given a number card and they have to count out the correct number of snowmen to match.


Mississippi Snowman:  This idea was shared with me by a very good teacher friend.  In MS, we rarely get snow and when we do, it doesn't last long .. hence the name for this project for a melted snowman. :) 

In a small baby food jar, put a tiny plastic carrot, hat, buttons, two small wiggly eyes, and two tiny twigs.  Then fill the jar 3/4 full of water.  Put the top back on the jar and seal with water-repellant glue.  There are several songs and poems listed above that would work well with this project.

If you do have snow, you could pack the jar with snow instead of using the water and place them on a sunny windowsill.  Then have each student make a prediction of how long they think the snow will last.



Snowman Unit Word Wall:  For thematic words, I turn a pocketchart into a portable Word Wall.  I do this in several different ways; one of which is that I type up the words on the computer, add colored clipart, then print them out onto cardstock.  I print longer words on "landscape" and print about 3 words per page.  Then I have them laminated and I cut them apart.  You could also print a second set of words without the picture so that the students can match the words to the correct picture/word card.  A third activity would be to have them match words to pictures.  The word cards can also be used when students are writing.




"Snowman ABC's"
Build a snowman just for me.
Please don't let him melt away.
Is he melting? NO! NO! NO!
Down he melts away from me.
I'll build him again you see.

~ Author Unknown



Funny Snowman

I made a funny snowman,
One frosty, winter day.
But when he met the sunshine,
My snowman ran away.

~ Author Unknown


The Best of Snow Friends Art Project:   http://store.yahoo.com/craftideas/cccbksnfr.html




Sock Snowman:  You may choose either to use a white baby sock or tube sock for this project, depending on the size you want.  Put sand or rice in the toe of the sock to add enough weight to keep the snowman upright.  Then fill the sock with fiberfill.  Use a rubber band to tie off the top of the sock, then fold the neck of the sock over the rubber band to form a hat.  Then using the rubber bands, section off a head and two "balls" for the body. 

Cut a small scarf strip from felt and tie around the neck of the snowman.  Hotglue on felt eyes, a carrot nose, and a mouth.  You could also use tiny buttons for the eyes as well.

More Glyphs from the Internet:

Snowperson Glyph
1. Hat (image of a top hat) GREEN - I am a girl.  RED - I am a boy.

2. Mouth: On a cold day, I like to...
(image of pieces of coal in shape of smile) drink hot
(solid smile line) eat soup
(squiggle line) have something else

3. Gloves or Mittens: In the winter, I like to...
(image of mitten) wear mittens to keep my hands warm
(image of gloves) wear gloves to keep my hands warm

4. Boots: In winter, I like to...
(image of boots) PURPLE - go sledding
RED - build snowmen
BLUE - throw snowballs

5. Buttons: When it snows, it's best when school ...
(triangle shape) - is closed
(square shape) - has delayed openings
(circle shape) - closes early

6. Scarf: Winter is...
SOLID COLOR (image of solid colored scarf) - my favorite
STRIPED (image of striped scarf) - not my favorite season

7. Broom or shovel:
(image of broom) I like snow.
(image of shovel) I don't like snow.

Another version:
short nose/long nose- boy/girl
buttons= number of siblings
eyes- same color as yours
scarf- favorite winter activity r-snow ball fight, y- snow
men, g- snow angels
smile/no smile- did you like the activity
hat/no hat- enjoy school



The Snowman
First the body,
Then the head.
A stove pipe hat,
A scarf of red.
Pebbles for eyes,
And a carrot nose.
Sticks for arms,
And coal black toes.

~ Author Unknown


Puffy Snow:  Use equal parts of shaving cream and glue to make a puffy paint to use in making snowmen and other snowy scenes.




Snowman, Snowman
Snowman, snowman,
Where did you go?
I built you yesterday
Out of snow.
I built you high,
And I built you fat.
I put on eyes
And nose and a hat.
And now you're gone-
All melted away.
But it's sunny outside,
So I'll go and play.

~ Author Unknown


Five Little Snowmen

5 little snowmen fat (circle with hands in front of stomach)
Each with a funny hat  (hands on or over head)
Out came the sun and melted one (circle with hands over head)
What a sad thing was that (make a sad face)
Down, down, down (SLOWLY pretend to melt down into a puddle)

Repeating until none are left.


~Author Unknown


"Cool!" Snowman Door: This door belongs to my favorite Media Specialist.  She and another teacher at our school worked together to create it.  It's so pretty, the picture doesn't even do it justice.  They did an awesome job!  It has a mylar blue background, some type of 3D snowflakes, and I believe the rest is made from posterboard and colored chalk ... except for the bow on the gift.  I believe that's real.





Snowman Erase-A-Rhyme: Barb created this erase-a-rhyme.  Draw the snowman with all the parts listed on your chalkboard or markerboard.   As you read the "clues," have a child volunteer to erase the rhyming part.

OR you can do it in reverse ... give the kids markerboards and have them DRAW the part you give the clue for. Or you could have them each child draw one on a piece of paper and display them or make a book out of them.  It doesn't have to be done on a markerboard or chalkboard.

Snowman EraseARhyme


Put on your warm mittens, if you’ve got ‘em. 

First we have to make the great big (bottom).


Roll the next one smaller, Kelly. 

The middle-size snowball will be his (belly).


Come and help us, put away your sled. 

We need a little one for his (head).


These round rocks are the perfect size. 

We need 2 of them for his (eyes).


Find a carrot in the kitchen, Rose. 

We could use that for his (nose).


Can we use these cherries awhile? 

They will make a happy (smile).


He’s so fat; he looks like a glutton. 

What can we use to make a (button)?


The puppy wanted to help and said "Arf, arf!"

Then he brought the snowman a (scarf).


The snowman already has a lot of charms,

but look for some sticks to make his (arms).


Stand back, Joey needs a lot of room. 

He’s gonna add on mama’s (broom).


No one else can make a snowman like that! 

All we need now is Bobby’s (hat).

~ created by Barb


Snowman Letter Sounds Game:  Print out the snowman letter sounds pages from Karen's site onto cardstock and laminate.  Use white pompoms as snowballs.  Have the student put a snowball on each picture that begins with the identified sound.  http://www.prekinders.com/winter.htm


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InMyRoom ~ Jan. 20, 2001

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