"Scare"crows, But Not Me!


Scarecrow, scarecrow,

How scary can you be?

You scared _____,

But you didn't scare me!

~ Author Unknown



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The Little Scarecrow Boy ~ Margaret Wise Brown

Jeb Scarecrow's Pumpkin Patch ~ Jana Dillon

Lonely Scarecrow (with cassette) ~ Tim Preston

Witch Hazel ~ Alice Schertle

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything ~ Linda Williams

Barn Dance ~ Bill Martin Jr.

Six Crows ~ Leo Lionni

The Scarecrow's Hat ~ Ken Brown


Resource Book:  Teacher's Helper Sept/Oct 1999

Rows of Crows addition page (sums to 5)

Who's Scared? addition page (sums to 6)


Resource Book: SCHOOLDAYS Sept/Oct 2000

A Movable Scarecrow pattern


Resource Book: I Can Make It! I Can Read It!  Fall (TEC3512)

"Who's That?" booklet


Resource Book: SCHOOLDAYS Sept/Oct 1990

Scarecrow Math (sums to 6)


Resource Book: Teacher's Helper Sept/Oct 1997

Something to Crow About (sums to 7)


Resource Book: Teacher's Helper Oct/Nov 2002

Smilin' Scarecrow (color words)


Resource Book: October Monthly Activities 1989

Silly Scarecrow (scarecrow pattern)


Resource Book: Worksheet Magazine (now Teacher's Helper) Sept/Oct 1990

Lonesome Lefty (Left and right)


Resource Book: The Mailbox Kindergarten Oct/Nov 1998

Jeb Scarecrow's Pumpkin Patch


Resource Book: Worksheet Magazine Grade 1 Sept/Oct 1990

Harvest Hues (color words)


Resource Book: Teacher's Helper Oct/Nov 2001

Sunny Scarecrow (beginning sounds m,t,f)

Funny Friends (beginning sounds p,n,c)

Fall Feast (beginning sounds j,k,r)

Fall Kindergarten News (stationary)

Starlight Snooze (beginning sounds l,d,v)


Resource Book: Teacher's Helper Sept/Oct 1998

Fall Stationary

Favorite Fall Things (classifying)


Resource Book: Lasting Lessons* Fall Into Colors

Home Connection Stationary

Scarecrow Pattern

Scarecrow poem and activities

Sack Scarecrows


Resource Book: 15 Reproducible Write-and-Read Books (Scholastic Professional Books)

How to Make a Scarecrow (booklet)


This is my new pointer that I just got at my friendly Wal-Mart for 98 cents.  I'll use it during instruction and the students will use it for Read the Room.




Writing Prompts:  A Day in the Life of a Scarecrow ...

If I were a scarecrow, I'd ...

The Scarecrow That Couldn't Scare Anything

The Scariest Scarecrow in the World


Scarecrow, Scarecrow

(tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)


Scarecrow, scarecrow turn around.

Scarecrow, scarecrow touch the ground.

Stand up tall and blink your eyes.

Raise your hand up to the sky.

Clap your hands, then tap your knees.

Turn around and tap your feet.


Scarecrow, scarecrow touch your toes.

Scarecrow, scarecrow tap your nose.

Swing your arms so very slow.

Now real fast to scare the crows!

Touch your head, jump up and down.

Now sit down without a sound.

~ Author Unknown


Of course, you have to do the motions with this song! :)


Make a Scarecrow:  Provide the students with the clothes and other things needed to make their own scarecrow.  Once complete, he can just hang out and lounge around in the classroom.  :)


A Class Full of Scarecrows:  Have each student lie down on a piece of butcher or bulletin board paper with their arms appropriately placed for a scarecrow (straight out, straight down, or straight out and bent down at the elbows).  Trace around the student.  Have the student decorate their body shape to look like a scarecrow, then have them cut them out.  Before displaying them in the hallway, the students can use them to sequence shortest to tallest.  Display them in the hall with pumpkins, cornstalks, crows, etc.


The Little Scarecrow Boy:  Read the book, The Little Scarecrow Boy, and then provide each student with a white paperplate, two buttons for eyes, and a triangle for a nose.  Have them decorate their plate with a "fierce" face.  Then provide them with yarn or raffia to add for hair and a construction paper hat.  


Jeb Scarecrow's Pumpkin Patch:  Read the book, Jeb Scarecrow's Pumpkin Patch, then have students fingerpaint large sheets of paper using orange paint.  After they're dry, cut out large pumpkin shapes.  Then allow the students to use yellow construction paper to create scary faces for the pumpkins to scare away the crows.


Comparing & Contrasting:  Read The Lonely Scarecrow then use a Venn diagram to compare/contrast it with either The Little Scarecrow Boy or Jeb Scarecrow's Pumpkin Patch.


Dress Up:  Provide old clothes, gloves, boots, a coat, a scarf, and hats for the students to dress up in and pretend they're scarecrows.


Video:  Watch "The Wizard of Oz"


Homework Project:  Send an outline of a scarecrow copied onto construction paper home with each student.  Have them dress and decorate their scarecrow, then return him/her to school.


Gingerbread Scarecrow:  I just had this idea last night/early this morning, so I don't actually know how it will turn out.  Use the gingerbread man Ellison die-cut and cut out one per student using white or a light color paper (whatever color you want the scarecrow's face to be).  Have the students decorate the "gingerbread man" to look like a scarecrow.  They can add clothes using markers, crayons, construction paper, fabric, or wallpaper samples.  You could even help them out by cutting out extra gingerbread men in clothing colors and cutting them apart to make clothing for the students' scarecrows.  You can also cut out these "extras" using wallpaper samples as well.  The students then just glue those "parts" on to their scarecrows and add details to resemble clothes.  Either provide a small hat pattern reproduced on construction paper for them to cut out and add to their scarecrow, or have them make him a hat from construction paper scraps.  Then they can glue their scarecrow on to another piece of construction paper and add the background of cornstalks, pumpkins, crows, etc.



I finally found the pictures of my scarecrow that I bought last year at Cracker Barrel!  He just lounges around in our room.  You never know where he'll turn up next.  Here he's sitting in time-out! :)




This is the extent of my fall door decorating.  Bought at my friendly local Wal-Mart. :)


Scarecrow Game:  This game and picture were submitted by Libby.  The students roll the dice and then put the corresponding pattern block piece in the proper place on their scarecrow gameboard.  If they don't need that piece, they get to pass.  Thanks, Libby, for sharing! :)


Ok, for everyone wanting the pattern for this scarecrow, here's what you do ...

I threw this one together in 30 mins. or less.  The worst part of it was cutting out the pattern blocks.  You can go to this site and print out the pattern blocks.  Then copy as many as you need.  Cut them out and glue them on something to form the scarecrow.  Since I just did it to see how hard it would be, I just glued mine to a piece of construction paper and drew off two pumpkins and added them.  You could really make a cute background using clipart if you wanted.  And thank you, Susi for sharing that pattern block site.  It saved me a LOT of time!



11.11.08 - Tricia sent her scarecrow block pattern printables to share.  Thanks, Tricia, for sharing! :)



Scarecrow with Pumpkins


Submitted by:

Tricia Goodman

Media Specialist

Guilford County Schools

Sternberger Elementary

Greensboro, NC



You can extend this activity by having students complete a graph or chart recording how many particular shapes or colors they used to build the scarecrow.  For instance, Saxon Math does it this way:


How many blocks did you use?

____ orange                ___ yellow

____ blue                    ___ tan



They fill in the correct number.  Or, you could have them write in the number next to the shape instead of the color word.  Or, you could have them put their answers in a graph.


For the more advanced students, you could provide this pattern in a Center and let them cut out the pattern blocks and glue them in the shape of the scarecrow like I did.  Beware, some teachers thought this was a difficult activity, so some of your students might become frustrated.


Scarecrow Song:  Marilyn has kindly shared this song that she wrote with us. Thanks, Marilyn!  It's too cute! :)


(tune: I'm A Little Teapot)

I'm a little scarecrow short and fat.
Here are my gloves and here is my hat.
When the crows fly down to eat the crops.
I clap my hands and the birds fly off.
(add actions)

~Marilyn Jacobson,

WA state


Scarecrow, Scarecrow

(tune: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear)

Scarecrow, scarecrow, turn around.
Scarecrow, scarecrow, touch the ground.
Scarecrow, scarecrow, reach up high.
Scarecrow, scarecrow, touch the sky.
Scarecrow, scarecrow, bend down low.
Scarecrow, scarecrow, touch your toe.

~ Author Unknown


Two Little Black Crows
Two little black crows sitting on a hill. (Lift pointer fingers.)
One named Jack. (Wiggle one pointer finger.)
One named Jill. (Wiggle other pointer finger.)
Fly away Jack. (Put first pointer finger behind back.)
Fly away Jill. (Put other pointer finger behind back.)
Come back Jack. (Bring first pointer finger to front again.)
Come back Jill. (Bring second pointer finger to front again.)

~ Author Unknown


Make crows using student foot and handprints.  The footprint is the body and the handprints make the wings.  Use hole reinforcers for the eyes and add an orange triangle for a beak. 


This is another pointer that I made.  I buy dowels about the same size around as a pencil and have my husband cut them in half.  Then I add pencil toppers to them to form the pointers.



(tune: 10 Green and Speckled Frogs)

10 crows all shiny black
Sat on a scarecrow's back
Eating some most delicious corn. CAW! CAW!
Scarecrow winked and shouted BOO!
Scared one crow, away he flew.
Now there are 9 black shiny crows. CAW! CAW!


continue with each number until you get to ...


1 crow all shiny black

Sat on a scarecrow's back

Eating some most delicious corn. CAW! CAW!

Scarecrow winked and shouted BOO!

Scared one crow, away he flew.

Now there are no black shiny crows. 

~ Author Unknown


We made scarecrows as part of our door display for Drug Awareness Week so that it would fit in with our Farm Theme.  We used a scarecrow head and shirt pattern, then created the rest of the scarecrow using our own patterns.  The students basically created the head, chose the colors for the body, and cut out the shirt..  The body was too difficult for them to make (rolling the construction paper and stapling it).  The stuffing is raffia.  More pictures can be seen @ Bulletin Board, Wall, & Door Displays



The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything: Use this book by Linda Williams around Halloween time to add a little "spooky" into your Scarecrow Unit! :)  The kids love it!  This book is great for drama, sequencing and retelling.  We used real props to go with the story so the kids could manipulate them at the appropriate times while I read the story.  For instance, when I read "Clomp! Clomp!" the 2 students, each with a boot, would make them go clomp, clomp.  Here are some more links that will help extend the story as well.  And if get The Mailbox, there are some story props in past editions.



Use the Scarecrow, Scarecrow book printable from this link that correlates:





Scarecrow Pattern



"I Am A Scarecrow"



Scarecrow, Scarecrow @ KinderKorner.com






Free Scarecrow Book






Scarecrow printable



Coloring Page



Scarecrow Coloring Page



Scarecrow Dot-to-Dot



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Body of Scarecrow


Shred a Scarecrow



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Scarecrow coloring page



Create a Garden Goddess






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