Bailey likes to help, too!  Here she's helping my husband repaint the kitchen this past summer to get the house ready to sell.  Bailey is our spoiled rotten, slightly over-weight Jack Russell Terrier. ... OK she's very over-weight, but she can't help it!  :)



 One of the nasty dogs in the neighborhood must have told Bailey she was a Christmas present and she believed them! :)




 Jack Russells are bred to where they prefer confined spaces and sometimes they're not too picky about

exactly where that's at! :)



March 1999 - March 23, 2009

We had to have Bailey put to sleep tonight due to worsening congestive heart failure.

We didn't want her to suffer worse than she already was.  She was a good dog; very smart and very loved. 

She will truly be missed.  She'd just turned 10 years old. 

With her she took a huge chunk of our hearts. 

Maybe now she can once again chase squirrels like she use to.


I think this is the last picture we took of her.  Dec. 2008  It's been a month now and we still miss her so much.  The house is so lonesome without her to greet us at the door each day.  Dakota still looks for her.  She says she's "in the stars", but she still expects her to come back.  Today she was looking for her and said she wanted to play with her.  She still misses her, too.  Every weekend we have to remind her that Bailey's "in the stars."





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