Fall Break '08

Winston - Salem, NC

We visited Old Salem which reminded me a lot of our visit to Colonial Williamsburg in VA.  The only thing that sort of spoiled the feel was that Old Salem allows cars to drive through "town" and Colonial Williamsburg did not. 

Old Salem is a Moravian settlement and consists of more buildings than you can tour in an afternoon.  If you go, don't miss the Bakery and their special Sugar Cake.  We had perfect weather for the visit and enjoyed the afternoon.

*the backgrounds for these two pages were actually taken at Old Salem*


 One of the "brothers" at the Single Brother's house.  Only single men could live there and I think it could house about 150.  There was a Single Sister's house across the way.



Some of the brothers that lived at the house were joiners.  They didn't actually have work space at the house, but this is set up to show you how their work area would look.




You could take a carriage ride around town.




The home of a pharmacist.








This is now a restaurant


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Graphics by C. Montgomery

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