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Wow, I can't believe it's been over 2 months since I've posted anything!

Maybe I was taking a break, but I started making my Christmas cards tonight, so hopefully

I'll get back into the swing of things.  These are some cards that I made back in Sept. & Oct.


This Halloween card is much cuter than the photo shows.



Some fall cards




A practice Christmas card; not exactly what I'm going to use.


More Christmas cards






I made these 2 cards last weekend and started a 3rd.  The 3rd one did not turn out

like I'd envisioned, so I'm still trying to come up with a new plan.  At first I wasn't so

sure if I liked these cards ... but after not seeing them for a week, I've decided that I

REALLY like them! :D




3 more cards!

I wanted to try a "white on white", so here's my attempt at that.

I love those little fabric flowers and this one matched my ribbon almost exactly!



I really like these!  The first time I saw the Cosmo Cricket paper I fell in love with it.





Sigh .... school starts back again on Monday ... sigh. 

The summer is gone.  So I'm wondering if this will be my last card of the summer.


There was an apron on the Moxie Fab site that inspired me to jump up and create this card.  (I've been watching all the sneak peeks from CHA)  Of course, it didn't turn out just as I'd planned.  I watched a video of one of the presenters at CHA make a flower from paper and I tried that first.  Obviously, I need to go back and watch the video again! LOL! ;)  I also cut my ribbon just a couple of hair widths short, so I had to come up with some creative way to fix the problem.  That's how I ended up with the belt look on the card since I didn't want to waste all that ribbon.  Not what I intended originally, but a keeper.  :)



Squeezed in 1 more!  I need to make 9 more by the end of Sept.   This one was another inspiration ... from a beach towel.  All those dots were glued on separately. :)






 Thank you notes I made for plants/donations.  I made an additional one, but forgot

to take a photo.  It wasn't one of my favs anyway.






A lot has happened here since my last posting.  My mother passed away, my daughter

broke her leg and my son-in-law was in a car accident.  Someone told me that things

happen in 3s, so I hope we're done for a long time.


The summer is almost gone and today is one of the few days that I've had to myself.

I took my daughter back to work today and my 3 yr old granddaughter to "school". 

I'm glad that I could be here to help my family, but today has felt soooo good! :)

I came home, took a nap, and came straight in here to "craft".  This is what I've done ..


Another version of the wedding card below




I challenged myself to create this card from the graphic on a sympathy card that I got



I saw a sketch for something similar to this card and wanted to try out the multiple squares idea



The inspiration for this card came from a red/white/blue dress on the Moxie Fab site.

Would have been great if I had white stars instead of the 3 buttons.  But the buttons

do give it an Americana feel.



I just realized that I've been making cards for 1 year now.  What fun I've had!!!





Wedding Card

I picked up the paper and rhinestone stick-ons at Walmart today on clearance. 

Walmart here is remodeling and unfortunately they will no longer be carrying

scrapbooking materials it seems.  :(  I've never worked with the rhinestone

stick-ons ... not an easy process, but I like the look.  I thought I had cream satin

ribbon, so I had to make do with this sheer instead.






OMG, have I been waiting for today!!  Thought I'd never get new batteries for my

camera!  I've got several things to share today.  First, I've been out of school

for about 2 wks now, but the first week I spent sick.  But I have done some things since

then and I hope to be adding a lot more quickly throughout the summer because

I have a LOT to do! 


This is something we've been working on here at home ... it's my new crafting cabinet.

My friend Carol sent me a link several months ago on organization and that got

the wheels to turning.  I had these 2 pieces of furniture already around my house,

so we stripped and painted them white; put them together and I REALLY like how

it turned out!  I'm using clear glass to hold all my buttons, ribbon, etc.  Love it!

Oh, my husband still has to paint the black caddy white. 




this is a larger image


Here are some new cards that I made. 

For this one, I cut the card using my Cricut.  The graphics & text I did on the computer.

I also finally used my corner rounder on the white paper.




These I also cut on the Cricut and did the cupcakes & text on the computer.

The difference is that these are 2D.  I cut the cupcakes apart and put them

back together again (unlike Humpty Dumpty! :) ).  The frosting on the cupcakes

are popped out using popdots.  I also had to add a white inset on the back to

write on.  These cards don't open, you just flip them over and write.



Now I have to get to work and do Father's Day and wedding cards.





It's been over 2 months since I've posted anything here.  Why, I can't really say except

that maybe I've been too busy ... or just mentally exhausted.

Anyway, I'm adding a couple of cards today.  The first one was a technique that

I wanted to try out ... and for me, it wasn't worth all the trouble.


The second card is one of 3 retirement cards that I'm making for friends and myself. 

Actually I'm sort of jealous that they're retiring without me! :)


Same card, different version.




Shhh, don't tell!  This is the card I'm giving my sister today for her birthday!

She's partially responsible for getting me into papercrafting, so she's

getting some neat paper, matching buttons, SQUARE envelopes and

Martha Stewart's fancy eyelet heart edge punch!

Now I need to go back and make an extra card like this ... because I like it so much!




This was supposed to be my daughter's Valentine card, but I didn't get it finished in time.

Ok, I never started it, but this is when I learned I couldn't work under pressure.  Once

the deadline was gone, I enjoyed working on it and I already knew exactly how

I wanted it to look ... I just couldn't make myself do it! :(




I needed a birthday card for my TA so I made these.  I found out yesterday that I

can't create under pressure, so I need to make sure that I have a selection of cards

already made to use.




Dakota and I made this card today for her teacher.  She was so proud of it!



This card I made for Dakota.  Seems almost too "growny" for her, so I may try and make

her something else.



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