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I bought a big tub of these foam hearts at WalMart and decided to see how I could use them.

My favorite part is the bow and the banner.  I LOVE bows and the banner just popped

into my head when I was arranging the hearts.  After more practice, I decided that

I'm done with trying to stamp for now and I'm going back to my computer graphics and fonts.

Those are challenging, but I'm more comfortable in that arena.






My sister asked me the other day when I was going to start a business selling my cards.

I thought "Yeah right.  Just something else to do because I don't have anything to do."

But, after thinking about it for a couple of days, I thought why not.  :)

So if you're interested in purchasing any of the cards below,

email me at the link at the bottom of the page for availability and more info. 

(Not all cards are available.  Price $6.50   Pay with PayPal)



This Valentine card is now one of my favorites.  This is the first time that I've used ink

on my cards and I love the effect!



Now, it's also the first time that I've actually stamped on a card and so far I hate it! :)

Look closely and you'll see why.  I also learned that if you are going to stamp, do that first

and not last!  I can accomplish much more using my computer.

I also used a new technique to me on this card ... scoring.  Love it!


Also did this one saying "hello".  Stamping came out about the same. :(




One of the things that I hate about a new year is having to remember to write the new date!

Remembering something isn't my greatest asset right now and I'm already having trouble! :)

I'll spend the first month or so trying to return to '09! LOL!


My 2nd Valentine card and maybe my last card for a while.  I've got to spend some time now getting my Christmas decorations down inside and getting prepared to go back to school next week.  Boo Hoo!


This is the first card that I've totally created and then just mounted onto the card base.

I will say that it is an easier process and one that I'll probably use more often now.





My first Valentine card.  Not what I envisioned at all, but nice.





First cards of the year! :)



The idea for this one just came to me and I had to try it. 





The last cards for this year! :) 





Today was my first day to be able to do whatever I want since we got out for the holidays.

This is all that I did productive! ;D  I like the results.



Quickie Christmas card




Bags that I decorated to hold Christmas goodies





Birthday card  

K & Company is my new favorite company for materials



The last Christmas card (#9).  :)  I forgot to add the ribbon to this one, so I had to change the style.





Another Christmas card .. #8



I just purchased the lattice edger from M. Stewart, so I can't wait to try that out! :)




Another version of the Christmas card.  This is more how I envisioned it from the beginning.

Now I have 7 made! :)  This is the first time I've used the embossing folders and I LOVE them!





I had visions of sending handcrafted Christmas cards this year.  This is only the second one that I've made ... the first one I wasn't real happy with.  This one still isn't what I wanted, BUT after thinking through the whole mailing scenario I don't think sending handcrafted is really a good idea.  But, some people will be getting handcrafted cards, just because I can't help myself! :D





Birthday Card





This is the card I made for my SPED Director for Boss' Day





Birthday card for my SIL.  The add-ons came from my husband's garage. 

I just rummaged around to see what I could find.





I wanted to do some Halloween cards.  This one turned out CUTE!



Same card, different version.


This one is really cuter than it shows here.




Two more cards.  A school thank you note and a card that I created for my sister.



This one I LOVE!




After Dakota's "set", I kind of got out of doing sets and what little time I've had I've done single cards.  Here is what I've done....


This one could almost go with the black and white set below.



I've always loved this clipart set, so I thought it would make a great set of cards.  I'm not crazy about the flower now that it's on the card, but I thought it was too plain without it ... too late now! :)




I really like this card.  It's a first for me.



Different, but cute.  You can see the elem. teacher in me! :)




Brittney liked my Dad's box so much that she wanted me to do something for Dakota's room, so here's my first inspiration.  It's a lot harder than you'd think trying to cover a cylinder. :/  And I made it a lot harder on myself coming up with the idea of doing SIX to spell out her name! 





This is my black and white set.  I think I have a thing for pink and black and white. :D 

I ran out of materials for this set, so instead of having 2 cards each of 2 styles, I have 3 different cards.  But I like all 3.  Not what I expected, but a good surprise! :)


I added one more to the set.





I found some envelopes for my last project although they're not an exact fit.  I also found my next inspiration which I finished tonight. :)  I tried several times and I could not get the pretty pink of the card to show up in the photo.  I made a set of 4 cards ... all alike.  It's a simple card, but I like it.



The 2 Carols in my life have finally enticed me into the paper crafting arena.  Once there, I was hooked!  Here are some photos of my first creations.  Of course I thought I had to share them! :)

I made this box for my dad for Father's Day and filled it with peanut butter cookies.  The photo of the two of us is inside the lid.  This was my very first paper crafting project.  It took me a mere 5 hours! :)  (not counting the cookies!!!)


(the glue on top of the lid wasn't dry when I took the photo)


My next project was a set of cards ... 3 of each kind.  Then the whole set in a belly band.





Now I have to find envelopes and a container to fit these along with my next inspiration! :D






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