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Sorry, the original story by Jean Stangi is no longer available on this site.  If you Google it, I'm sure you'll find it online.

This is my retelling of the story and I haven't done this project with my students in a few years,

so I'm going to ad-lib as I go.  :)


There once was a little witch who needed a house to live in.  One October day a strong wind blew a piece of orange paper

through the air and it landed right at the little witch's feet.  Picking it up, she realized that it would be perfect for her

new house!  First she folded the paper in half. (fold paper horizontally and hold on the fold while reading & cutting)

Next, she cut the corner off each side to make a roof.  (snip off the 2 top corners)  She was so proud of her new house.

It was going to be just perfect!  Then she realized she needed a door to get inside.  So she cut a tiny little door that would

be just right for her to go through with her pointy hat  (cut space for nose)  and then she went inside.


Inside the house was very dark and she realized that she needed a window to let in some light, so she cut out a window.

(cut square for eyes)  As she was going in and out decorating her new house, she began to think about having a party

and inviting her friends over to see her new home.  As she began to plan she realized that she would need a larger door

so that her friends could come inside, so she cut a larger door beside her tiny, little door. (cut mouth)

Finally, she had her home finished and was ready for the party! 

Do you want to see how her house looked inside?  If so, open it up and take a look!

(unfold the paper to show the jack o'lantern)




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