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Candy corn, candy corn,
Sweet to eat.
Candy corn, candy corn,
A Halloween treat!



Halloween derived from a custom practiced more than 2,000 years ago from the Celts.  They were celebrating their new year.  After they became Christians, the holiday was turned into a holy day.


Today Halloween is a fun-filled holiday that takes place on October 31st.  In the US, children wear costumes on Halloween and go trick or treating.  Many carve jack o'lanterns out of pumpkins.  At Halloween parties people enjoy such activities as pretend fortunetelling, hearing stories about ghosts and witches, and bobbing for apples.  Children go from house to house trick or treating to collect goodies.  They dress up in costumes and the legend is that if you don't give them a treat, they'll give you a trick.  ;)  Their costumes should be made of light colored, flame resistant material with reflecting tape.  And they should always be accompanied by an adult.




Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman
Countdown to Halloween by Annmarie Harris
A Creepy Countdown by Charlotte Huck
A Dark, Dark Tale by Ruth Brown
Five Little Ghosts by William Boniface
Five Little Pumpkins by Iris Van Rynbach
In a Dark, Dark Wood:  An Old Tale with a New Twist by David Carter
In the Haunted House by Eve Bunting
It's Halloween by Jack Prelutsky
It's Pumpkin Time by Zoe Hall
Jeb Scarecrow's Pumpkin Patch by Jana Dillon
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams
Moonlight the Halloween Cat by Cynthia Rylant
The Night Before Halloween by Natasha Wing
On Halloween Night by Harriet Ziefert
Pumpkin Day, Pumpkin Night by Megan Halsey
Pumpkin, Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington
Scary, Scary Halloween by Eve Bunting
Shake Dem Halloween Bones by Mike Reed
The Teeny Tiny Ghost by Kay Winters
Too Many Pumpkins by Linda White
Whoo's Haunting the Teeny Tiny Ghost? by Kay Winters

* book list shared by Carol


A Woggle of Witches by Adrienne Adams

Witch, Goblin and the Sometimes Ghost by Sue Alexander

The Witch Next Door by Norman Bridwell

Mrs. Switch by Syd Hoff

Three Little Witches by Sharron Gordon

Vanishing Pumpkin by Tony Johnston

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever by Steven Kroll

Halloween Mice! by Bethany Roberts

Rattlebone Rock by Sylvia Andrews

Halloween Day by Anne Rockwell

The Hallo-Wiener by Dav Pilkey

The Thirteen Hours of Halloween by Dian C. Regan

This Is the Pumpkin by Abby Levine

When the Goblins Came Knocking by Anna G. Hines

Skeletons! Skeletons! All About Bones by Katy Hall

On a Dark and Scary Night by Gail Jorgensen (The Wright Group)

Joey the Jack-O'-Lantern by Janet Craig (with cassette - Troll)

Inside a House That Is Haunted by Alyssa Satin Capucilli (a rebus read-along)

The Best Jack-O'-Lantern by Rita Walsh (mini book)

A Very Scary Witch Story by Joanne Barkan (glows in the dark)

Trick or Treat Halloween by Sharon Peters (first start easy reader)

A Very Scary Ghost Story by Joanne Barkan (glows in the dark)

Three Little Witches by Sharon Gordon (first start easy reader)

I Can Read About Creatures of the Night by David Cutts

I Can Read About Bats by Elizabeth Warren

Mickey's Halloween Party by Darrell Baker (with cookie cutters)

Spiders Are Special Animals by Fred and Jeanne Biddulph (Wright Group)

Heathcliff's Halloween by Suzanne Lord

Clifford's First Halloween by Norman Bridwell

The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Happy Halloween Biscuit! by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

The Halloween Play by Felicia Bond

Trick or Treat Countdown by Patricia Hubbard (counting book)

The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow by Cherney Berg (with cassette - Troll)

Bat Jamboree by Kathi Appelt

The Bat In The Boot by Annie Cannon

Stellaluna by Janell Cannon

Six Creepy Sheep by J. Enderle and S. Tessler

Miss Spider's Tea Party by David Kirk

The Roly Poly Spider by Jill Sardegna

A Halloween Mask for Monster by Virginia Mueller

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever by Steven Kroll

Sheep Trick or Treat by Nancy Shaw

Bat in the Dining Room by Crescent Dragonwagon

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat! by Lucille Colandro

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

A Creepy Countdown by Charlotte Huck

Five Spooky Ghosts Playing Tricks at School by Steve Metzger


Thematic Word Wall:  Be sure to create a thematic Word Wall to support your young readers and writers.  I like to use Ellison die-cuts and colored graphics from the computer to create picture cues for each word.  Then I write the word on a sentence strip and add the picture.  Then I write the word again on a sentence strip but leave off the picture.  The word cards can be matched to the picture cards for an interactive Word Wall.  Some of the words that you might want to use are:


pumpkin jack o'lantern ghost witch monster trick or treat candy
scary moon dark goblins costume fall cool
orange black white yellow cat cornstalk leaves
Halloween scarecrow hat broom Boo! howl screech




Lollipop Ghosts: Cover a Tootsie Roll Pop with a white Kleenex and secure underneath the lollipop with a piece of black or orange yarn.  The excess Kleenex will cover the stick and the lollipop is the head of the ghost.  Using a black marker, carefully make two eyes.  Now your ghost is finished! 


Door Decorations:  You can cover your door with black paper and then create several tombstones from gray construction paper.  Make headings on each tombstone in black marker.  Then make the lollipop ghosts and secure them floating around the graveyard.  Put a big white or yellow moon in the sky.  You can even add a wrought iron fence made from black posterboard.  To make it stand out from the black background, add a "spacer" between it and the background.  I've used pieces of styrofoam.  A scary jack o'lantern, a black cat, bats, or a witch flying across the moon might not be a bad idea either. :)


More Door Decorations:  You can see the door that we did one year when we were doing a Pumpkin Unit.  The door depicted 5 Little Pumpkins Sitting On a Gate


 Ghost Necklaces:  The original project was to spread/pour glue out in the form of a ghost and let it dry.  Then complete the project.  Well, we had problems keeping the glue puddled into a ghost shape.  So we came up with the idea of making a "template" for the glue.  My TA cut out styrofoam plate bottoms (and I'm not sure why we cut these out  instead of leaving them whole :) ) and then made the template for the glue using a hot glue gun and shaping a ghost form.  When the glue was cool, then the students squirted in their own school glue to fill the template.  When it was dry (days, not hours) then we gently pulled the glue off the styrofoam.  Then we punched the hole with the hole puncher and the kids added eyes with a Sharpie.  Voila, a ghost necklace.  This one was made several years ago so it's yellowed a little.




Visual Discrimination: I changed this activity sheet from SCHOOLDAYS into a Center activity.  We colored it, laminated it, and cut it apart where appropriate.  The pieces are stored on the back in a snack size Ziploc bag that's adhered with packing tape.  (Scotch tape won't hold up to use.  And if you photocopy the page onto cardstock, it will hold up even better.)  The students take out the pieces, carefully examine them for differences and match them to the correct jack o'lantern.  This activity is very hard for some of my students because they can't zero in enough on the tiny details to do it successfully the first time.  Frank Schaffer's SCHOOLDAYS - Sept/Oct 1990



Bat Template:  I think I created this bat template to make bats that would hang from the ceiling.  If you look closely at the picture, you can see where the wings are folded to make it appear more life-like.  I folded a sheet of black construction paper and drew off half of the bat on the fold.  So when it was opened, you'd have a full size bat.  I threaded a piece of black yarn through the bottom and knotted it on the bottom side.



Bat Facts: Use the bat above and display them hanging upside down from a tree branch on your bulletin board.  You may have to make some adjustments in the template to show HOW they hang (feet, etc.).  Then add wiggly eyes to each bat.  Underneath each bat display a slip of paper where the creator of the bat has written or dictated a bat fact.  You can use the caption "Hanging Around With Bats!" or "We're Batty About Bats!" 


Bats are nocturnal which means they sleep during the day and hunt for food at night.

They sleep hanging upside down.

Some bats eat fruit and some eat insects.

Some bats use echolocation to find their way in the dark.

Echolocations is when sound waves bounce off objects and back to the bat's ears.

Some bats use their sense of smell to find their food.

Bat's wings fold up like umbrellas.

Bats are the only flying mammals.

Although they fly, bats do not have feathers.

Bats are very clean, but can also carry rabies.

The largest bat has a wingspan up to 6 feet.

Bats help to pollinate and reseed plants, and control insects.

The most common bat in the US is the Little Brown Bat.

Vampire bats bat animals and suck up a small amount of their blood.  They do not bite people.


Bat Facts Book: I used a pattern from The Mailbox (first gr I think, but I don't have the year) to create this activity.  The students created the book and then we used a glyph to create the face.  Afterwards, they had to write one sentence of each kind (statement, question, & exclamatory sentence) about their bat. 


click on image to enlarge


Hanging Bats:  Use the bat template above and create 3 bats per student.  Hang the bats vertically, 3 to a string.


Witch:  My kids love making this witch because she's so ugly and because they get to choose which eyes she'll have from the revolving wheel on back.  You could easily draw your own witch (sure you can ... witches are supposed to be ugly :)  ) and then draw different sets of eyes for them to choose from.  They could cut their choice of eyes out and glue them on their witch.  You can tell how old this thing is because it was copied using one of those old purple ditto masters.  (Young teachers won't even know what those are!  Purple ditto machines are like 8 track tape players to the school set! :)  I can remember when I was in Jr. High [no Middle Schools then] seeing the teachers turn those old ditto machines by hand using a crank!  Boy am I glad that things have evolved.  Now we don't even want to walk to the copy machine to make the copies, we want a copy machine in our classrooms! :) )




Hanging Ghost:  This is another purple ditto master project. :)  You can easily draw this one off yourself as well.  Spiral the ghosts "tail" and when you cut it out and hang it, it makes a neat 3D effect.




Pumpkin Book:  This is a cute booklet pattern to use for writing.  The cover opens up down the middle.  The back also looks like the back of a pumpkin.  #393 Make Your Own Holiday Books  Teacher Created Materials, 1987




Ghost Wheel:  The revolving wheel behind this ghost can be programmed with sight words, spelling words, color words, vocabulary words, math facts, etc.   Teacher's Friend - October




On A Trick or Treating Night:  Emergent reader at The Teacher's Bookbag



Rhyming Bats:  Cut bat shapes from black construction paper.  Program each wing of the bat with a word using a white pencil, white out, or one of the new gray Sharpie markers.  Make some of the word pairs rhyme and some that don't.  Create two jack o'lanterns from orange construction paper; one with a happy face and one with a frown.  Laminate all.  Have students sort the bats according to which words rhyme.  All the bats with rhyming words would go on the jack o'lantern with the happy face and those that don't rhyme would be placed on the jack o'lantern with the frown.


Matching:  If you have Ellison die-cuts for a witch and a moon (or even a yellow or white circle), you can use these to create all kinds of matching activities such as rhyming words, rhyming pictures, pictures to beginning sounds, capital to lowercase letters, addition/subtraction facts to the answers, etc.


Dem Bones Candy: Purchase Dem Bones candy and have each student graph the candy in their bag.  Then they can create their own skeleton by gluing the pieces onto a small piece of black construction paper.  (They may have to pool their pieces so that they can all get the pieces they need.)


Trick or Treat!:  Purchase small jack o'lanterns and program each with a number.  Then provide students with a bag of assorted Halloween type wrapped candy.  They place the correct number of pieces of candy into each jack o'lantern.


Wreath:  Use Ellison ghost and jack o'lantern die-cuts.  Cut the center out of a Chinet paperplate.  Have students glue the ghosts and jack o'lanterns around the paperplate.  The die-cut shapes will overlap so that none of the plate can be seen.  After the glue is dry, hot glue a loop of yarn on the back for hanging.


Black Cat Windsock:  Cut a sheet of black construction paper in half vertically for each windsock.  Have students glue on yellow eyes, a black triangle nose, a red oval mouth, and two black triangle ears sticking up from the top of the windsock.  Glue orange and black crepe paper streamers from the bottom of the windsock.  Staple one end of the paper to the other creating a cyclinder.   Hole punch each side of the top of the windsock and add yarn for a hanger. adapted idea from SCHOOLDAYS Sept/Oct 1997


Patterning:  Use Ellison Halloween die-cuts, Halloween pictures, or Halloween stamps to create patterns on sentence strips.  If desired, these can be turned into "hats" for the student, by fitting to their head and stapling.


Candy Patterns:  You can also use candy corn, marshmallow creme pumpkins, or other Halloween candy to practice patterning.  The candy corns can be turned different ways to create the patterns, for instance ... AB pattern - candy corn right side up, candy corn upside down.  Or you can pattern different kinds ... AAB - candy corn, candy corn, pumpkin.


Witches' Hats:  This is a precious snack that your students can make.  You'll need a Keebler's Fudge striped cookie, a Hersey's Kiss, and orange decorator icing for each student.  Turn the cookie upside-down so that the stripes face down.  Sit the unwrapped Kiss on top of the cookie hole.  Pipe some orange icing around the seam between the cookie and the Kiss creating a hat band.  If you can, make a small orange bow with the icing.


Eyeballs:  Ewww ... eyeballs make yummy snacks! :)  Make Rice Krispy Treats and form into 1 to 2 inch round balls.  Roll in powdered sugar.  Implant a blue M&M for the iris and dot with black gel or icing for the pupil.



Monster Punch:  The night before, fill a rubber glove with water and secure the opening with a rubberband.  Freeze the glove overnight.  Have students create punch from desired ingredients (fruit punch, Sprite, pineapple juice, lime sherbet, etc  Whatever you prefer.).  Then remove the frozen glove by running under water until the glove will slip from the frozen hand.  Be careful so as not to break off fingers.  Carefully stand the frozen hand in a small glass in the center of a bowl.  Carefully fill the bowl with the punch.


The story of The Little Orange House




Writing Prompt:  Use this poem as a writing prompt ...


There was a spooky house

On Halloween Hill/

Down the hill came a thing

That gave me a thrill!

Down the hill came ...


Trick or Treating Costumes:  If appropriate, encourage your students to wear their costumes to school.  Then graph them by People/Animals/Things


Scary, Scary Halloween:  If reading this book, be sure to print your students out some of the great bookmarks on Jan Brett's website!  The link is below.  You can also create a class book with the sentence frame: On Halloween night, a ____ gives me a fright!  Have each student write or dictate their answer for the blank and then illustrate their page.



Bat Cave: Remove the top from a large box, such as an appliance box.  Turn it on its side.  Pad the outside of the box with brown, black, or gray bulletin board paper making it look similar to a cave.  Add crumpled up bulletin board paper around the entrance bottom for boulders.  Hang paper bats from the inside top of the cave.  You can even add a pair of small eyes to the back wall for a creepy effect. :)



Jazzy Jacks':  Give each student a lunch size brown paper bag.  Have them sponge paint the bags orange (not too heavy on the paint).  Fold down the top of the bag about an inch and clip with a wooden clothespin.  Then let them loose with black and yellow construction paper and scissors to create the faces for the jack o'lanterns.  When they're finished with the faces, unclip the clothespin and paint it green.  After they're dry, have them fill the bags about 3/4 full using shredded paper.  Then fold the top of the bag down again and clip with the clothespin (the stem).  Add curled green ribbon to the clothespin for vines.  Now these are some Jazzy Jacks!


Persuasive Papers:  This writing activity would be for the more advanced students.  Provide coloring pages of several different haunted houses.  Allow each student to choose a picture and color it.  Then have them write a persuasive paper trying to sell the house.  Then invite a realtor to the class to explain their job.  Have them choose one of the pictures as well and tell how they'd try to sell the house.


Writing:  Use any Halloween coloring sheet and have students color it.  Then have them write a sentence or story about the picture (whatever is appropriate).  Display the pictures and writing together.


Jack o'lantern Center:  This is a very fun and easy Center.  Place a real pumpkin at the Center with a pack of washable markers and a wet sponge or baby wipes.  Students take turns visiting the center to create a face on the pumpkin with the washable markers.  When they're finished, they simply remove the face with the sponge or wipes and it's ready for the next person.


Spider Facts:

Spiders are not insects, but arachnids.

They have 2 body parts and 8 legs.

Most spiders have 6 - 8 eyes.

A spider does not have bones.

A spider has a tough skin that it sheds as it grows.

Female spiders are usually bigger than male spiders.

Spider blood is pale blue or green. (ick!)

Spiders spin webs from sticky silk, which catches insects.

Spiders poison their prey which turns their insides to mush, then sucks them up! (yuck!)

Most spiders are not friendly ... they try to eat each other.

The black widow and brown recluse are poisonous spiders.

Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders.


Batty Math:  Copy cauldron & bats onto black construction paper.  Cut out and program cauldron with math fact and bat with answer.  Laminate.   Students match correct bat to each cauldron.


Halloween Story:  Create a story using nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.  Create a master for copying by deleting some of the words from the story and replacing them with a blank and in parentheses underneath what part of speech the word should be .  Give each student a copy of the story and have them supply their own words to complete the story.  You can also provide a Parts of Speech Word Bank if needed.  For ex.


One night on a dark and lonely road there sat a fat, black cat. etc.......


One night on a ____ and ____ road there sat a fat, black ____.

                      (adj)               (adj)                                                           (noun)


Adjectives Verbs Nouns Pronouns










Black Cat Hats:  Carol, from The Learning Tree, created these Black Cat Hats in one of her workshops.  She had the participants cut out the inside of a white paperplate, paint most of it orange and a small portion of it black.  Then they painted a paper bowl (Chinet is the only brand that I know) black and inserted it into the hole of the plate.  Then they created the black cat using a glyph factor.  Meeeoow ... Too Cute! :)  Thanks for sharing Carol!



Im"pasta"ble Skeletons!: We made these skeletons using uncooked pasta and beans.  Essentially the students were to create the skeletons using this as a model.



Cookie Cutter Sequencing:  I purchased these from The Dollar Tree I think, to use in sequencing.  The students can sequence the cutters from largest to smallest, or smallest to largest.  They could even use playdough and cut out the pumpkins and seqence them as well.  If you used them with a playdough that hardens without cracking and falling apart, you could even create your own sequencing manipulatives.  Just cut them out, let them dry, then paint.





Spooky Counting:  This activity is created using ghost cutouts (full page) and Halloween stickers.  The picture below is actually of two ghosts (had to overlap them to get them on the scanner).  After the ghosts are created, then they're laminated.  Students count the stickers on one ghost and record their answer of "how many?" on the other ghost using a vis-a-via pen.  Clean with a baby wipe when finished.




Jack o'lantern Math: Students begin with mats that look like the first picture and then add the appropriate pieces on each pumpkin to create the jack o'lanterns.



Memory Matching: The game below was created using Halloween stickers and 3x5 index cards cut in half.  Laminate.  Students can either match the cards, or turn them face down and play Memory.




Orange Pumpkin, Orange Pumpkin emergent reader:  This emergent reader was created by Maureen using the Brown Bear, Brown Bear format.  She's dismantling her site and wanted to continue sharing her work, so she asked if I'd like to post the books that she created on The Virtual Vine since they're so frequently requested.  Click to print.

Orange Pumpkin, Orange Pumpkin

Little Miss Muffet Quilt:  This year we've been working on a Nursery Rhymes unit.  It ran a lot longer than I'd planned, so I wanted to incorporate Little Miss Muffet into our Halloween activities.  So we did a Little Miss Muffet quilt.  The spider is 3-D and was made using a pattern from loooong ago.  It has the rhyme printed on the spider's back and once it's cut out, you fold the legs to make them stand up instead of lay flat.  The picture of Miss Muffet I created from a picture that someone gave me with the rhyme on it.  I loved the spider and the rest of the quilt, but I'd liked to have done something different with Miss Muffett.  Maybe next time ... :)

click on image to enlarge



Jack O'Happy:  This poem has been around a long time and I've used it for years with my students.  Funny, I just noticed when sizing the picture that the kids swapped the sad & mad faces.  :)  We use this in both the pocketchart and our Poetry Journals.  I just threw these graphics together for this because I couldn't quickly put my hands on the ones that I've had for years.


click on image to enlarge


Culminating Activity:  To wind up your Halloween unit, have the students bring in a specified number of pieces of their trick-or-treat candy.  Pool the candy and have them sort them according to brand name, kind such as chocolate/hard/chewy/etc.  Then graph the candy. 



Halloween Treats (sets to 12)  K Teacher's Helper  Oct/Nov 2007


Fat Little Witch printable book & song from Frog Street Press


Teacher's Friend - October

Large skeleton pattern

Pumpkin Puppet

Halloween Finger Puppets

Fang-tastic (bulletin board pattern)

Help the Witch Find Her Broom! (gameboard)

Creative Kettle Bones (writing prompts)

Matching Ghosts (open)

Haunted House (bulletin board pattern)

Pumpkin and Ghosts (patterns)

Spider Pattern

Bat Pattern

Ghost Writing (stationary)

Creative Writing (Halloween acrostic)


Pencil Toppers


#393 Make Your Own Holiday Books - Teacher Created Materials, 1987


"Autumn" Idea Book - Teacher's Friend Publications

Spooky Mobile

Witch's Brew (coloring page)

Matching Spider and Web (patterns)

Four Sided Pumpkin (pattern)


Frank Schaffer's SCHOOLDAYS - Sept/Oct 1987

Halloween Counting (0 - 5)

Enter the Haunted House (extending literature)

Goblin Up Math (problem solving)

A Haunting Puzzle (numbers before/after)

Ghostly Little Riddles (ordinals)


Frank Schaffer's SCHOOLDAYS - Sept/Oct 1990

Happy Faces (visual perception)

Halloween Night (following directions)


Worksheet Magazine (now Teacher's Helper) - Gr. 1. Sept/Oct 1989

Catch Those Bats! (rhyming words)

Tony the Monster (paperbag puppet)


Worksheet Magazine - Gr. 1 Sept/Oct 1990

Halloween writing prompt

Shape Review


Teacher's Helper - Gr. 1 Sept/Oct 1992

A Halloween Hi! (color words)

Trixie's Treats (open)

Programmable Pumpkin


The Best of Teacher's Helper Seasonal & Holiday Activities - TEC 1478

Counting Out Candy (counting to 7)

Corny Counting (counting to 10)


October Monthly Activities - Teacher Created Materials 1980

Blank October page


October Monthly Activities - Teacher Created Materials 1989


Halloween Fill-in (vocabulary words)

October Worksheet (open)

Halloween Story (vocabulary)

Holiday Creative Writing (pictures)

Name the Number (number words)


Carson Delosa  CD-2011

Halloween Windsock


Carson Dellosa CD-0957

Witchy Wristbands

Full House (counting)

Matching Mansion (caps/lowercase)

Dancing Skeleton Flicker Book

Ghastly Groceries (What's wrong)

Pumpkin Path (maze)

Mod Monster (following directions)


The Mailbox - Kindergarten - Oct/Nov 1998

Crunchy, Munchy, Spider recipe pictures


The Mailbox - Kindergarten - Oct/Nov 1997

Haunted House pattern


Frank Schaffer's SCHOOLDAYS - Sept/Oct 1986

Halloween Fun Straws

Batty Math patterns


The Mailbox - Primary - Oct/Nov 1988

Make a Halloween Cat (following directions/reading a diagram)


Frank Schaffer's CLASSMATE - Sept/Oct 1987

Halloween Cat Card


Frank Schaffer's SCHOOLDAYS - Sept/Oct 1990

The Halloween Party (sequencing)


Worksheet Magazine (now Teacher's Helper) - Gr. 1. Sept/Oct 1990

The Boo Boys (ghost mobile)


SCHOOLDAYS - Sept/Oct 1997

Glow, Jack, Glow (writing)





Skeleton printable


Halloween Art


Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard


Printable Skeleton


Skeleton Bones lyrics


Preschool Education Science: Halloween


Halloween Bat


Fun Foam Window Witch


Vampire Code printout


Blank October Calendar printable


Candy Corn Stationary printable


Happy Halloween printable


Candy Corn Stationary printable


Not Just for Kids! Pumpkin Lotto


Not Just for Kids! Halloween graphics


Goodnight Stories Vampire Bat printable


Halloween Coloring Pages


Halloween Frame printable


Halloween Crafts from Activity Village


Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe printables


Skeleton coloring page


Halloween coloring page


Halloween Jokes


Trick-or-Treat printable


Which One Is Different? printable


Haunted House maze


Halloween Pencils


Witch on a Broom


Spooky Bracelets


Easy Halloween Wreath


Ghostly Goodie Bag


Halloween Suncatchers


Haunted Forest Board Game


Halloween Maze


Rosie's Halloween WeirdFind


Ghostly Gravestone (very cute!)


Hedgie Carves a Halloween Pumpkin coloring sheet


Happy Halloween bookmarks by Jan Brett (gorgeous & in color!)


Halloween Placemat printable


Hedgie's Costume coloring sheet


Hedgie as a Pirate coloring sheet


Bats coloring page


Happy Halloween coloring page


Witch's Brew coloring page


Blank Halloween Graphics


Trick or Treat coloring page


Happy Halloween


Print and Color Halloween Monsters


Print and Color Haunted House


Halloween Coloring Pages


Face In the Jack-o-lantern Frame


Halloween Message Game


Standing Witch


Halloween Treats


Pumpkins and Jack O' Lanterns


The Ultimate Halloween Resource for Teachers and Parents




Ss is for Spiders


Ghost Word Search


Halloween stationary


Happy Halloween bookmark


Happy Halloween bookmark


Happy Halloween bookmark (matches Halloween stationary above)


Party Invitation


Halloween Doorbell Decorations


Halloween Masks


Trick or Treat Bags




Halloween Art


Halloween Crafts


Halloween Cards To Print


Halloween Maze


Halloween Maze


BlackDog's Halloween Mazes


Haunted Maze


Witch's Wart Game


Make a Friendly Ghost


Halloween and Harvest Festival Games and Activities


Put on a Happy Face!


Halloween Crayon Etching


Halloween Printables @ Mom's Break


What Do You See On Halloween?

How to Make the Ghost Book




Spooky Word Search,2357,22-9724-254,00.html


Jack's Word Search




Halloween Word Find Puzzles


Drawing Sheet - Witch


Witch Stix


Print and Play! Haunted House


Print and Play! Ghosts


Printable Pumpkin Mask,2357,22-9699-223,00.html


Window Pumpkin Faces


Big Black Cat Trick or Treat Sack


Halloween Paper Dolls


Boo! Doorknob Sign


Enter If You Dare! Doorknob Sign


Enter If You Have Candy! Doorknob Sign


Skeleton coloring page


Scooby Doo coloring page


Trick or Treat! coloring page


Egg Carton Bat


Halloween Craft Projects


Halloween Costumes


Crayola Happy Halloween


Envelope Ghost Puppet


Pasta Skeleton Craft


Halloween Kinder Crafts


DLTK's Halloween Crafts for Kids


Halloween Coloring Pages


Halloween Crafts


Skeleton Game


Spider Memory Game


Halloween Crafts


October (some most impressive haunted houses!)




Easy Pumpkin Craft


Creepy Spider Web Doorway


Witchy Windows


Printables: Halloween Masks,2358,22-9732,00.html


Canvaswerks Award Winners and Links


DLTK's Make Your Own Books: Five Little Pumpkins


Coloring Book Fun - Halloween


Coloring Book Fun - Halloween 2


Glue Ghost


Goin' Batty


Along Came a Spider


Going Batty


Pumpkin Sequencing printables


Pick a Pumpkin (kids online activity)


Stellaluna, Stellaluna, What Do You See?

*check out the rest of Kelli's site The Learning Leap for more Halloween activities


Gummy Bears and Scares Graphing and Sorting


Bat Finger Puppet


Lil' Fingers Storybooks: Halloween at Lil' Fingers




Writing Prompts


Elementary Science


Halloween Bingo




Kindergarten Is Just Batty!


Bat Clip Halloween Craft


Halloween Story


Jack-o-Faces (free printable Little Book)


Witchy Finger & Spider Cookies




Halloween Pumpkin Faces (printable)


Witch Hat book (printable)





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