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I have a student who has a phenomenal imagination and is very into "mother dragon and her eggs" because of a computer game that he has.  So this page I've created due to his interests and skill needs.


Books:  I have 2 books that I've used.  They help to calm him down so that we can start "learning." 

The Knight and the Dragon

Come to School, Dear Dragon - Margaret Hillert


Eric Carle also has a book Dragon, Dragon

and there's St. George and the Dragon (more advanced)


Props: I have two stuffed dragons that a friend won in one of those "claw machines" that you see in convenience stores.  So I used one of them along with Easter grass and white Easter eggs that I purchased at Hobby Lobby to create a nest.  I already had a large plastic punch type bowl and I placed the grass, eggs and dragon inside the bowl to create the nest.  I only added 5 eggs, one for each letter on the student's name and I labeled each egg with a letter using a Sharpie marker. 


We use the eggs for letter identification and counting.  I take all the eggs out of the nest and if he can identify the letter, he gets to put the egg back into the nest.  I have number cards that I review with him and then I take the eggs from the nest.  I ask him to count a specified number of eggs and then point to that number card.  This week I'll show him a number card and he'll count out that many eggs.


I also created this activity sheet to transfer that knowledge to paper:


Counting Sets 0 - 6


As a follow up to the name activity, I created dragon letter cards.  He uses the letter cards to build his name.  We started out having to use a model of his name to do this (just his name typed big on a piece of cardstock for him to match the letters to), but now he can do it without it.  This next week we're going to work on matching the letters of his name capital to lowercase.  We also use these letter cards to practice letter identification. 


Another activity I did to help him learn the letters of his name and the color words, too, was a dragon name book.  I got the pattern from a Mailbox magazine I had.  The book was supposed to be an accordion fold book, but he couldn't handle that (the refolding), so I cut it apart and bound it.  Now he "reads" it by saying the letter name and the color word.  (Sorry, I don't have which magazine on hand to share)


click on image to enlarge


I created this page to work on his fine motor skills.  Trace the line from the mother dragon to her egg using a pencil, crayon, marker, etc.


Straight Line Tracing printable


This texturized egg activity is another activity that I created to work on his fine motor skills as well as to integrate sensory stimulation.  I gave him a choice of covering his egg with rice or sand and he chose rice.  He wasn't crazy about putting his fingers into the glue, but I did get him to try it.  That was a big step.  But he did like the rice. 


Texturized Egg printable


I created this sequencing page to work on picture sequencing.  Sort of the life cycle of a dragon ... egg, baby dragon, mother dragon.  :) 


Sequencing printable


I also found a really cute dragon paperbag puppet online.  We made that and introduced the Letter Dd for dragon as well.  (the puppet doesn't have the website on it and I don't remember where I got it since I Googled and found whatever I could)


This is my attempt at making a Shape Dragon.  We did this to help him learn his shapes.  This is my example.  He named his Red.



I just found these graphics by Annie.  She has some great stuff and they will make some great activities when I want to add to this unit.