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Copying From The Virtual Vine Webpages

I've heard from several of you concerning your frustrations at your inability to copy and print from The Virtual Vine webpages.  Sooooo ... I've put together this webpage to let you know that YES, YOU CAN COPY AND PRINT FROM THE VIRTUAL VINE WEBPAGES! :) 

If you're on The Virtual Vine Update List you know by now that due to theft of graphics and graphics abuse, most of the graphic artists now require that you have "no right click" scripts installed on your webpages before they'll allow you to use their graphics.  So in compliance with their wishes, because to me it's all the cute graphics that just MAKE the website, I have installed the "no right click" script on all my pages.  Because of that you can't COPY using the right click method, but you can still copy.  Here's how ...

How To Copy From The Virtual Vine Webpages

Highlight the information that you want to copy and print on the webpage.  Then go to your toolbar and click on EDIT, then COPY.  Then open a new Word document and paste the copied information in the document.  You can then change the font, size, color, etc. and print.

I do not mind you printing from the pages at all, all that I ask is that you indicate where you printed the information from <>.  BUT, do not copy and paste information from my pages onto your own website.  The latter upsets me greatly as I spend A LOT of time working on my website and I don't appreciate others taking advantage of my work and simply pasting it onto their own webpages.

Ok, I think that takes care of this matter.  If you have more questions, please email me.






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